Amsterdam – my love!

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May – Month of my birthday, which means: trip to Amsterdam! After my first visit to this fabulous city a couple of years ago, it became a habit for me to come back and spend my birthday here.

I know, Amsterdam stands for the most of you for red light district, coffeeshops and getting stoned – it’s so much more than that!

First of all, when I step out of the train that takes me in town from the airport, I calm down. I don’t know why, but since the very first time I placed foot in this city I felt immediately inhebriated and in love. But yeah, right, I’m here to report about my weekend.

I’ve been in plenty of hotelrooms and even in two houseboats during my last 20 (?) stays here, so this time i decided to book a local appartment also because my stay was, unfortunately, very short. My flat, booked over Airbnb, was a few steps away from Leidseplein, the centre of the happening. I chose this spot to be close to public transportation in case I needed it, but you can reach everything easily by foot if you’re not too lazy and the weather is good. I would absolutely reccomend it because you’ll get the chance to walk over bridges, discover little streets and notice what happens around you.

Amsterdam Oud West, view from Apartment

For my first evening, I reserved a table at Café de Jaren. A friend showed me this place a couple of years ago, and I love to come back every time. The view over the crossing canals, especially in the evening with the bridges lighting up, is extremely charming.

View from Cafe de Jaren

Also, being in Amsterdam means for me brunchtime! There are plenty of places to go for brunch, I try a different one every year, and this time I felt like I won the lottery! I heard over Instagram, called Staring at Jacob. The name of this lovely restaurant is the fusion between the streets Jacob van Lennepkade and Staringstraat. Isn’t it geniality? If you don’t mind to take a little walk south of the city, go and have your weekend brunch there. The staff is extremely friendly and the interior is cute as the most places you have in town.

Photo: Courtesy of Staring at Jacob
Photo: Courtesy of Staring at Jacob

If I had more time I would have added to my saturday tour a new tattoo. Salon Serpent in Amsterdam does walk ins on Saturdays, and since I love oldschool tattoos, it’s the perfect address for me! I was there in December 2012 with my brother, again in May 2013 and got my tattoos by the very talented Guen Douglas twice. Here her work on my legs:

I didn’t have the time for tattooing because I was about to attend an open air event in the afternoon. Everybody knows that I am an electronic music lover, so I got tickets for the Park am See event organized and promoted by Deephouse Amsterdam (online magazine and agenda for electronic music in the Netherlands), Chasing the Hihat and Watergate Berlin. I am also a big fan of Amsterdam because of all the events happening outside from May on all over the summer: you have loads of festivals and rooftop parties. It would basically be paradise for me!
Park am See was held at the Oeverlanden, by a lake just south from the city. There were three different stages with deejays playing, activities everywhere and places to lie in the sun until sunset. I was very impressed by Digitaria‘s performance, since they had a live singer – it was totally magical! The decoration all over the venue was amazingly well done and the people, like always, laid back and having a dance.

I am a Deephouse Amsterdam fan since a while and I really wanna make a big compliment to them: these guys seem to work hard, and most important, they show that they love what they do! It’s definetly one of the event organsation I’d love to work with the most.

The openair party was during the day from 12pm to 12am. After that, came the “after” (which I couldn’t experience because of my early morning flight *sob*): the Chicago Social Club was the official venue to party through the rest of the night and make this weekend unforgettable for sure!

Flyer: Courtesy of Resident Advisor
Watergate Stage (actually IN the water!)
Park am See food court

To get an idea, here the video about the last Park am See:

Some other practical infos:

Eating: another good dinner spot is Café de Klos, located right behind Leidseplein. If you like steaks and ribs, this is the place for you! I rarely had a plate of ribs like this in Europe. The staff is fun and caring, we had a few interesting conversations with them.

Photo: Courtesy of Tripadvisor

Where to stay: Harm’s apartment, booked through Airbnb, was perfectly located and sleeps two guests. For the morning coffee please have your “koffie verkeerd” in the cafes just downstairs the apartment. They have the cutest patios to sit outside and watch the city getting ready for the day.

Getting around: weather permitting, rent a bike! It’s the best way to discover the city. Just step by at MacBike and get yours for how many days you want. Otherwise, public transportation like buses and trams are good.

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