BOY (CH/DE): Let the Girls take you there

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“We walked these streets like kings, our faces in the wind
And everywhere we were, we made the city sing
We sang “forever young,” we had our fingers crossed
And when the city sleeps, it dreams of us”

Parov Stelar (AT): Dance your Demons out.

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It’s always funny for me to watch the crowd that attends a Parov Stelar concert. I Focus mostly on those who never saw them playing live, and their reactions are always putting a huge smile on my face. The band is capable to transform the whole venue into a dancing Party, it feels more like clubbing: they know how to make People happy, they’re genuine on stage, they have fun. I’ve attended a good bunch of concerts here in Switzerland, and our audience is pretty famous for staying quite calm and reserved during a live concert. It seems that Parov Stelar and his band had to appear in the Picture to Change that. I’ve never seen Swiss People going more crazy than at one of his live Performances. So, congratulations guys, a miracle actually happened!

Marina and the Diamonds (UK) – Froot: life couldn’t get much sweeter.

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Folks! If there’s any of you out there with a little passion for innovative Indie Pop, then you surely didn’t miss Marina Diamandis’ announcement via social media yesterday.
It was pretty clear that something will be coming soon, ’cause this greco-welsh Beauty already made public her Album release through her first single, which has the same name as the Album itself: “Froot”.

Jungle (UK): the groove is coming soon to Switzerland

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There was no other Newcomer band in the UK lately that was able to let several press members speculate around about them. Rumors came up in the internet, talking about an anonymous duo, acclaimed to become the new Daft Punk.