BOY (CH/DE): Let the Girls take you there

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“We walked these streets like kings, our faces in the wind
And everywhere we were, we made the city sing
We sang “forever young,” we had our fingers crossed
And when the city sleeps, it dreams of us”

If I had heard these lyrics five years ago, I could totally identify myself in it. I just came back from my first massive trip abroad, and I felt the world was mine.

Just before autumn is starting, the Swiss/German duo BOY released their second, very attended, album “We Were Here”. The fans’ long wait was worth it, if you ask me. The record is perfect for cosy evenings or to inflame every traveller’s heart back to life. This was my case, the inflaming I mean. The girls are able to write lyrics that seem to be tailor made individually for the listener. Like the text above: it feels like my story.

Photo Credit: BOY

Photo Credit: BOY

Valeska Steiner and Sonja Glass toured the world with their debut album “Mutual Friends”, which was released in 2011 and reached golden status. They can count a huge fanbase all over Europe, the US and Japan. Well, if you’ve ever listened to “Mutual Friends” you know why. It’s a quiet pop album, far away from the pre-made bubblegum tracks that can be found in the industry. The first single “Little Numbers” obviously kicked in like a bomb and was used in movies and a commercial.

If you don’t already owe “Mutual Friends” (shame on you!), you can order the album here

On a good half part of the new album, the instrumentals get quite stronger, but the melodies stay soft somehow and the lyrics invite you to think. It was hard for me to choose my favourite songs, but I think I managed to put toghether my top 3, including “We Were Here”.


“514, no morning’s broken
the minibar is always open
she lays her head and waits her dreams
these sheets are clean
these sheets are clean
the TV’s flickering red and blue
a voice suggests what she could do
against the signs of getting old
she grabs the remote control”

I just checked in in a hotel room by myself, so I completely see this song fitting in my situation. It’s the perfect track for a lone traveller, it has some kind of melancholia in it, but I tend to adore the kind of atmosphere this sort of songs can create.

Hit My Heart

“I look at us
Look how we shine
Look how it eats up all our time
So we’re drifting downstream
Exposed but unseen
I’m covered in exclamation marks
Give me something tender
Something I’ll remember”

A song about Social Media, a love/hate relationship: who doesn’t feel the same? Barely awake, already checking mails, news and all the phone apps. The permanent telling of where you are, what you’re doing and all the selfies. Probably one of the strongest songs here, or, one of the most acclaimed. I like it because it describes perfectly every step of this 24/7 online culture. I catch myself in it as well everyday: and listening to this song made me create more offline moments for myself during the day.

“We Were Here” is an amazing little masterpiece in my eyes. The only pity about it: it lasts only 35 minutes. So it’s on a constant repeat multiple times a day. The girls of BOY have proved that they nail it. To fully enjoy this tunes I’d reccommend you to listen to it during a trainride – “that’s how the magic lasts.”

You can order BOY’s new album “We Were Here” by clicking here

Tourdates infos and tickets avalaible here

BOY – We Were Here – Tracklist (Grönland Records)

  1. We Were Here
  2. Fear
  3. Hit My Heart
  4. Hotel
  5. No Sleep for the Dreamer
  6. Flames
  7. New York
  8. Rivers or Oceans
  9. Into the Wild

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