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It’s nice seeing you finding your way here, I hope you’ll be able to get some serious inspiration out of this page. If you clicked on this section, you’re probably wondering about one thing: who the heck is bohemianstella? (PS: download my media kit and portfolio at the bottom of this page for more informations)

The start.

I started to take this blog a little more seriously a little over three years ago, and it all began just because I wanted to answer the mostly repetitive questions in regard of my main passions: travel, music, travelling BECAUSE of music multiple time a year, tips and tricks, WHY I travel to places multiple times if I like them. It all started from there, really, on a slow pace, and I really like things chilled. I made my social media public by the end of 2014, and the thought of random people following me around on a (virtual) daily basis was very weird to me, so I had to come up with an alter ego for myself, which was born by the name of bohemianstella. I carried this name around in my mind for a long time. I liked the way it sounded, it had something slightly dreamy about it and to be fairly honest with you, it should have been my name as a DJane (haha), so it obviously had to look gorgeous on all those party adverts all over the globe. Yeah, that never happened by today, but you really never know how things unfold, so I’d like to keep this option open, and use this name in different aspects of my creations.



My content is strongly focused on all aspects around the beautiful world of voyage. No matter if it’s with family, friends, for business or alone: I believe that travelling opens up our minds, makes us stronger, and makes us understand and connect with different cultures better. Travel was a starting point for me to share destinations, but then slowly as well everything that is included with moving around on this planet. This page was a safe space for me to share my opinion, tell stories in my own weird way, show beautiful photographs collected over time. At some point it raised interest from company and agencies, so it gave me the opportunity to show even more, and to do things I would never have dreamed about. The most important collaborations so far are listed here.



Music has had a big impact in my life at a very early age. I grew up by listening to Italian 70s and 80s LPs (which I still own today) and my only other access as a kid in the 90s was the radio (god bless Red Hot Chili Pepper’s Californication). As soon as I started to earn my few own cents as a teenager, I would spend it literally on CDs. I would traslate every single lyric that was in all those fancy booklets, and I am so grateful I did, because that’s why I am fluently writing this introduction in English. I travel often outside of my hometown for concerts or festivals. I mean, why should I wait impatiently for an artist to move his butt over here, when I can hop on a train, bus or plane and combine the experience of a mindblowing live performance WITH exploring a new city? I want to inspire you to do this more often, I love to share my views on famous and upcoming artists, I live for every festival decoration and I die for the feeling of standing in front of a stage, a few feet away with my camera from my favourite musician, and literally shit my pants about the whole situation I’m in. This happens to this day. I call it the beauty of concert photography. That can be all found in my Music section, by the way. You’re welcome.



Food, Mindful living & Lifestyle.

As an Italian I am a foodie, and I love to explore this aspect in my kitchen, on the road, and wherever possible. Another thing that goes hand in hand with roaming around on this planet, perfect! I adopted a predominant plant based lifestyle over a year ago, and since then the trying, experimenting and knowing about food and its inspired me even more to share my learnings about it. I am the biggest fan when it comes to unwind, take some time off and being present. In today’s hectic world, ruled by a constant presence all over the internet by the minute, I love to spread a message of self awareness, at home or while on the road making decisions for the next destination. A daily routine with meditation and/or yoga has become very important for myself and I could see a difference on my way of dealing with every positive or less pleasant challenge that crossed my path. I talk about these topics mainly on my Instagram (@bohemianstella) and I just started a separate blog section for them called the Holistic Badass. More about it here.

Instagram is also my “social media of choice” so to speak, because I love how visuals can move and inspire. I love to share any discovery of the day that I find worth spreading the word, no matter if upcoming brands or pop up restaurants, as far as they are as ethical and as natural as possible.



My heart belongs to the world, but my current homebase is Zurich, Switzerland. I am quite unpolished and filter free especially in the way I speak and communicate. I adopted this outside of my friend’s circle because I believe being real, transparent and authentic is what should make a blogger THE blogger. My way of looking at things a little bit dreamy and with the head in the clouds made me and this page what it is today. It should make you escape, inspire and help you out.  Coming up with a story to tell about a place/product/artist I really believe in is very easy for me. In fact I could pitch you an article or photo idea the moment we’re having a cup of coffee (but a good espresso, please!). Creativity is possibly my best companion, it also lead me to do what I’m doing today, which is freelance content creation for companies that allows myself to throw out ideas and transform them in pretty images and stories. Long story short, my creativity gives me the necessary drive and passion to deliver the best version for a story. Maybe your story?

Download Media Kit and Portfolio here:

Media Kit & Portfolio


See you out there!

For questions, enquiries and collaborations: or the form down below.

PS: I communicate in English, Italian and German.


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