My Amsterdam Dance Event Week: the Art on Walls & the Art of Rave

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The Amsterdam Dance Event is more than just connecting all the lovers of electronic music from different countries or a huge networking platform for professionals: despite the musical events, it also offers to the public an insight into art and movies connected with the scene.

My Amsterdam Dance Event Week: the Canals and Techno gone Noord

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My days at the Dance Event officially started yesterday, the schedule is pretty tight, but I really like to update you as much as I can.

After a brief lunch and meetup with other writers and creatives, Iamsterdam organized a very special canal tour for us. In the very beginning, I thought something like “Alright, let’s join canal tour #20”. Since I come to Amsterdam very often with a different person who’s never been here, the canal tour is quite a must. So for me it isn’t something new anymore.

My Amsterdam Dance Event Week: Nightwalks & Kickoff

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Yesterday I played tourist for another good while, I walked all the way up to the city centre. For me it’s kind of ironic, because I don’t really need a map anymore to get around, especially when it comes to go the popular districts of the city. Amsterdam still surprises me though, because everytime I think I saw it all, I see new places like cafés, galleries and stores pop out of the blue that I never knew about it.

My Amsterdam Dance Event Week: Exploring East

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My week in Amsterdam has started this afternoon, and I couldn’t be happier that I had the chance to come back this soon! I will pretty much try to keep you as updated as I can with this series that begin from today. I hope you’ll join the ride and be my companion through the streets of this wonderful city I’m never getting tired of, with new insights and finally attending the very famous Amsterdam Dance Event. I was talking to join this great event since five years already, and now it’s really happening!

#foodporn – A gastronomic tour through Amsterdam: my bar & restaurant top 8

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When you travel to a new place, especially cities, it can get quite hard to figure out which restaurants and cafés are worth a visit. If you’re planning to visit Amsterdam, this is your lucky day! Since I’m there very often I dropped by in a bunch of restaurants, and not everyone of them was good. A lot of people ask me which places they should go at before flying to the Netherlands, so I decided to put together my absolute favourites in this post. But obviously, there is loads more than just the few ones I’m going to reccommend you here.

Amsterdam Noord: Take me to the other side

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I’ve been to Amsterdam over 20 times already. I’ve lost the count and I couldn’t actually care less. It became kind of my old world, a place to feel comfortable and free: I love old fashioned architecture, the café culture and feeling that you won’t be judged if you’re wearing something different than the classic jeans and white tee. The laid back people and the city vibe make me come back every year for once minimum, and no: I’m not here to get stoned in a coffeeshop all day 😉 Amsterdam is way more than this.

Amsterdam – my love!

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May – Month of my birthday, which means: trip to Amsterdam! After my first visit to this fabulous city a couple of years ago, it became a habit for me to come back and spend my birthday here.

I know, Amsterdam stands for the most of you for red light district, coffeeshops and getting stoned – it’s so much more than that!