I’m out of here #2: California dreamin’

California, Citytrip, Hollywood, Los Angeles, Pier, Restaurants, Santa Monica, Sightseeing, Venice Beach, West Hollywood

California, especially an enourmous City like Los Angeles, was always something that inspired me somehow. You’ll see tons of different People every day, even just like sitting in a cafe, and I caught myself many times wondering about their stories. LA is for sure the City of dreams for most, awaiting to get lucky and be discovered. Some People will succeed, others won’t. Others will Keep on trying for the rest of their lives.

Flashback: An Ode to San Francisco (2010)

architecture, California, San Francisco, SFO, travel, USA

There are several cities that made me fell in love with their architecture, and San Francisco is one of them. It was love at first sight, I couldn’t stop making pictures of buildings with my little camera, back in 2010. My travels brought me many times back to an already visited city, but unfortunately SFO always wasn’t on my route.

Coachella 2012

Beach, California, Coachella, Desert, Festival, Florida, Gay Friendly, Greyhound, Hollywood, Indio, Key West, LA, LAX, Los Angeles, Martin Solveig, The Black Keys, The Vaccines, Venice Beach

Being a festival fanatic took me to book a trip oversea. Me and my friend Maria were thinking about where to go for our spring vacation of almost 3 weeks, and decided to go and see what the Coachella Festival in California is all about.