The Aloha Issue (6): Kauai – The Garden Isle

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I couldn’t leave Hawaii without visiting Kauai. I’ve always heard from friends that it’s an amazing Island surrounded by junglish landscapes. So I decided to spent one of my last Weekends in the Aloha State by heading to this natural Beauty.

The Aloha Issue (5): Oahu – My favourite Beaches in Paradise

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The first time I came to Hawaii was almost five years ago. And I actually had no clue of what I was doing. The most important Thing to me was getting out of Switzerland, and this for a Long period of time. My savings were supposed to last for about two months and I didn’t want just to sit on my tiny butt by doing nothing, I wanted to come back with something more. So I decided to book myself an English class, just to improve it some more, and be able to make a proper conversation.

The Aloha Issue (4) – Diamond Head: climb, rise and shine.

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Early wake up calls have never been my best friends – it’s actually more the contrary. Daytime routines can get rushy, busy, exhausting, depending obviously how your individual one looks like. I learned to appreciate the night and its darkness a long time ago already: I can focus better on things while everything calms down, when the streets turn into an empty world, or when a Saturday night celebration was gone far too long and the sky turns pink while an almost creepy silent train takes me home on Sunday morning. Night brings me advice, a clear mind and the most intense creativity boosts, it’s a personal love story that will never end.

The Aloha Issue (3): Maui – Picturesque Towns & Hidden Treasures

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Just the name of the Island Maui says it all – it’s famous worldwide. It stole my heart as well on my first visit back in 2010. But it’s not only honeymooners and lovers here – Maui has a deep hippie heart. Follow me around!

I’m out of here #1: Viva Las Vegas!

Freemont Street, Las Vegas, Neon Museum, Nevada, Shopping, USA

First of all, I have  to apologize about my Absence the last couple of weeks. I had a lot to prepare for my big trip out on this planet and I didn’t really have the Chance to put all my Picture together and write my first Posts. And additionally, there is a lot of bad wifi all over this world…

Flashback: An Ode to San Francisco (2010)

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There are several cities that made me fell in love with their architecture, and San Francisco is one of them. It was love at first sight, I couldn’t stop making pictures of buildings with my little camera, back in 2010. My travels brought me many times back to an already visited city, but unfortunately SFO always wasn’t on my route.