The Aloha Issue (3): Maui – Picturesque Towns & Hidden Treasures

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Just the name of the Island Maui says it all – it’s famous worldwide. It stole my heart as well on my first visit back in 2010. But it’s not only honeymooners and lovers here – Maui has a deep hippie heart. Follow me around!

Getting back to Maui is always soulbalm for me, it’s a sweet spot that I would definetly call paradise. Getting around is pretty easy, since the Island is so small compared to the last I was, Hawaii itself. We arrived already in the morning and had the Chance to settle down in the sweet Wailuku, a Little town that faces the big Maui Forest Reserve. It feels very cosy here, it’s a local town with a bunch of Shops and cafes, almost everything Closes at five, despite one Restaurant or two. It’s a nice place to get back after exploring the Island and driving around all day.

The first Thing we’ve done after checking in, was heading to Paia. I love Paia! It’s an historical Plantage town located on Maui’s North Shore, that has a very strong Hippie vibe and actually seems to be Standing still in the Woodstock era (or it might just is my Impression, having a Hippie heart). The houses are colorful, streetart is around and Paia Beach is a good spot for Windsurfing too. There are also some local Restaurants worth to try! Café Mambo is a good address for mexican Food and tonight’s hunger brang us to Thai Spice for some yum Curry and Tom Kha soup.
There is a nice variety of alternative Shops as well, selling local products and clothing like Mahina for clothing or jewels and Pakaloha for original Maui Bikinis (I have one and I am amazed!)

Another must, speaking of sweet Little towns, is Lahaina, the former royal capital of the hawaiian kingdom. There’s a lot going on here, and you won’t miss loads of tourists, but I like it a lot. There is lots to do for activity Lovers, like parasailing and whale watching, just make sure to bring a good filled wallet with you. I love to be on the fine dark sanded beach over there. It’s never too crowded and the water is mostly calm, perfect for a swim. Make sure to be there on a second friday of the month, to enjoy some live Music, movies under the stars or just a walk on Front Street.
Try to make a stop on the way there at the scenic Points, you’ll have breathetaking moments and bring home some great memories.

Clear Waters of Lahaina Beach
A typical scenic point

Earlier today, we decided to hit the curvy road to Hana. This Little village is just 50 miles away from my homebase, but since the road is full of curves, it takes around 2 hours to get there. It’s totally worth the drive actually! Hana and surroundings have a lot of amazing beaches to offer. The first one we went to was the Red Sand Beach, a Little hidden treasure, that takes a Little hike down the hill. Watch out, it could be very slippery sometimes, so don’t do it in flip flops like me 🙂
The water temperature is amazing and snorklers surely will be entertained by all the beautiful creatures Swimming between the rocks. I tried to make some Pictures with my ABC Store underwater camera, I’m pretty curious to see how they turned out.
After the Red Sand Beach, we went to see the Venus Pools by advice of a local guy of Hana. Unfortunately, the sun was already gone, but if you find yourself there in the morning, it’s a total must. There is no sand to lay down, just rocks, and Swimming is only an Option if you jump down from them, but the water and the view are something out of this world. The Venus Pools are located around  mile 48.5 on Hana Highway and here is my advice again to bring at least a pair of Sneakers to walk down easily.
Our last stop for today was the Black Sand Beach (Waianapanapa State Park), which includes also the famous blow holes (if you’re lucky enough you’ll see the water coming out between the rocks) and a trail to some sea Caves. There is also a Camping facility in the park, in case you want to spend the night under stars Close to the ocean.

Red Sand Beach
Venus Pools
View over the blow holes

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