The Aloha Issue (3): Maui – Picturesque Towns & Hidden Treasures

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Just the name of the Island Maui says it all – it’s famous worldwide. It stole my heart as well on my first visit back in 2010. But it’s not only honeymooners and lovers here – Maui has a deep hippie heart. Follow me around!

The Aloha Issue (2): Big Island of Hawai’i – Lava Flow, Cascades & Hilo Bay

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Happy Aloha Wednesday! During my time on the Big Island of Hawaii I also saw how powerful lava is and how you can’t beat mother nature in most situations. In addition to that, I had a stroll in lovely Hilo and enjoyed one of the numerous parks with stunning cascades before heading back to Oahu.

Capri: Livin’ La Dolce Vita

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Being in and around Naples can get quite magical. I am very proud when it comes to talking about the Italian region I come from. Italy’s obviously beautiful in every way and every part of it has something special, that’s for sure.

I’m out of here #12: Gili Trawangan – Between Mindblows and your Inner Peace

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I still have loads about Australia to tell you guys, but I’m Feeling more inspired to┬áinform you about the places I am visiting now in Indonesia. I’ll save some Posts for the cold and rainy days back home, before I’ll head to my next destinations in Europe. Fortunately, I still have interesting stuff coming up, so I might won’t be that affected from post travelling Depression ­čÖé

I’m out of here #8: Cast Away, somehow.

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When┬á I was a kid, I was fascinated by adventorous things. I made houses out of trees, pretending to live somewhere far away, or tried to make out stories while being in the outdoors of the wide land that surrounds my house back in south Italy. That always worked out for me, I never got bored and could spend hours by inventing new stories. Then the teenage years came and some of the Fantasy got lost on the way. I still love to tell myself stories to make the world around me brighter, but they’re pretty different from twenty years ago and way more realistic.