I’m out of here #8: Cast Away, somehow.

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When  I was a kid, I was fascinated by adventorous things. I made houses out of trees, pretending to live somewhere far away, or tried to make out stories while being in the outdoors of the wide land that surrounds my house back in south Italy. That always worked out for me, I never got bored and could spend hours by inventing new stories. Then the teenage years came and some of the Fantasy got lost on the way. I still love to tell myself stories to make the world around me brighter, but they’re pretty different from twenty years ago and way more realistic.

Fiji Coral Coast

My childhood Feelings came up a Little stronger again when I hit the Fiji Islands. I didn’t really have a clue of what to expect from this 300 Islands complex in the Pacific, but I knew I might gonna like it. Well, I wasn’t wrong. Arriving in Fiji at tiny Nadi Airport is maybe the experience that got lost years ago in Hawaii: you’re greeted in a very polynesian way with singers and guitar Players, which makes the whole Arrival pretty charming.

Sunset on the Waya Island

To spent my ten days to the fullest, I booked a Bula Pass for one week, which makes Island hopping possible between the Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands. Another Thing I always was interested in as a child, was the idea of being on a tiny Island in the middle of nowhere. Obviously the whole Thing was arranged more comfortable than in the movie “Cast Away” or the world famous 80s film “Blue Lagoon” 🙂
Still, it was a Little dream that came true, on our first catamaran ride to the first Island, which was two hours, I saw a lot of mini Islands surrounded by clear water. And the idea of being on a couple of those in the next few days was pretty exciting, according to the 8 year old me, who was here again, somehow.

one of the views during Island hopping
Transfer time

The first stop was on the Waya Island, for one night only, just to get used to the small Island vibe and be on a hammock facing the bright ocean. When I got to our Bure, which is a traditional house construction in Fiji, I almost cried. Literally. The whole Picture was like the ones you face during winter in Switzerland when you see a getaway advertisement for exotic destinations like Mauritius. I tried to make the best Pictures as I could to describe how I felt, and I think you’ll notice what I mean.

Stop number two was on the Barefoot Island for three nights, and I am glad to have Chosen this place. The Island has two different sides, one facing sunrise and the other sunset, which is just amazing. The Bures here are more like huge tents, which made me experience a sort of “Glamping” for the first time. During my travel I discovered my love for snorkeling, and Barefoot is an amazing Island to do that. It’s possible to snorkel all around it and I saw the most different creatures and corals so far. There is also a 20 minutes hike on the Island, with gorgeous views especially when sunset time kicks in.

The Hike on Barefoot

Fijian People are some of the most welcoming that I’ve experienced while travelling. They smile a lot and are very positive, even if they don’t really own a lot.  It was also nice to see some traditional polynesian Dance Performances, where I’ve learned that Fijians loved to eat human meat in the past. Not anymore, but they “still got the taste”, according to some local jokes. Another must is to try the local beverage Kava: it’s made of a plant root and your Body gets more and more relaxed with every sip. It’s a good alternative to alcohol, since you won’t get a hangover and, as the locals say: “Kava makes a good Lover”, apparently.

Fiji has some Indian influence, and you can also tell by tasting its cuisine. I had some fish Curry, which tasted delicious. Some Resorts offer one fix menu per day, others have a bigger choice of dishes.

Useful tips:

Plan your trip: Besides my one week Island hopping, I booked one night to see the Coral Coast, which has beautiful beaches for snorkeling as well. My stay at Mango Bay Resort was one of the best I had in Fiji. Please Note that you should book a Transfer from the Airport Prior your Arrival.

Mango Bay Resort

When to go: I was quite scared when I heard that February is rainy season in Fiji. There is actually nothing to be afraid of! We had maybe 20 minutes of rain in 10 days. It was the best time to book because of the low Prices and the very warm Tropical weather. You won’t experience overcrowded places which is a good Thing in my opinion.

Getting around: Public Transport with luggage can be a Problem in Fiji, but the most Resorts and hostels offer free or very cheap Transfers. If you plan to do some Island hopping then I’d reccommend the Smuggler’s Cove Hostel and Resort for short layovers. It’s located very Close to Port Denarau and to the Airport as well. Transfers between the Yasawa Flyer and the different Resorts is always provided. You can book your Bula Pass here. By the way, “Bula” means Hello & Welcome in Fijian language, you’ll use it a lot during your stay 🙂

Smuggler’s Cove’s great patio

Hotel Tips: Octopus Resort for Waya Island and Barefoot Lodge for the Yasawas

The Glamping experience on Barefoot

Island Life: Most of the Resorts offer different activities,  one of the most interesting I noticed was the night snorkeling on Barefoot Island. These places are very quiet, so try to take some stuff with you to Keep yourself busy in the quiet hours of the day. Oh yeah, and here again: bring tons of mosquito Repellent.

Vinaka (Thank you) Fiji, I had a blast.

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