The Aloha Issue (3): Maui – Picturesque Towns & Hidden Treasures

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Just the name of the Island Maui says it all – it’s famous worldwide. It stole my heart as well on my first visit back in 2010. But it’s not only honeymooners and lovers here – Maui has a deep hippie heart. Follow me around!

The Aloha Issue (1): Big Island of Hawai’i – Snow, Kona & Waimea

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The cold is slowly starting to break in here… So why shouldn’t I share some aloha spirit from a couple of months ago with you? This is one of the first posts of my hawaiian series, stay tuned every Wednesday!

I’m out of here #9: Auckland – culinary joy & dizzy heights

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I don’t always inform myself to death when I go out travelling, at least not when I’m on a long trip as I am right now. I Need to be Aware in between somehow, that I have no clue of where I’m exactly going, like having some Kind of suprise effect open. This is what I thought when I was about to leave the untouched Tropical paradise  of Fiji to visit the City of Auckland in New Zealand. Bad move.

I’m out of here #2: California dreamin’

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California, especially an enourmous City like Los Angeles, was always something that inspired me somehow. You’ll see tons of different People every day, even just like sitting in a cafe, and I caught myself many times wondering about their stories. LA is for sure the City of dreams for most, awaiting to get lucky and be discovered. Some People will succeed, others won’t. Others will Keep on trying for the rest of their lives.

Davos: Follow the Mountain Sound

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The last time I’ve visited Davos was about 20 years ago, as far as I remember. My grandpa used to be there a lot so we went up in the mountains to visit him. Even if I actually have great memories of that period, I didn’t take the chance to go back. True, living in south Italy during my teenage years didn’t really enforce my love for ice skating, skiing or snowboarding, since a temperature of 10 degrees celsius is already freezing for us.

How you should spend 36 hours in Milan

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Ciao a tutti!
I have been in Milan the last time surely 7 years ago, so I it was definetly time to go again. And, oh boy, I spent one of the best weekends of this season! Being one of Italy’s biggest cities, Milan belongs automatically to the epicentre of happening. There’s a lot of sightseeing and culture in here, but as we know, the time on a weekend can be quite limited. So if you’re planning to be in North Italy you might be glad to have some tips for a big city like Milan. So let’s start this mini survival guide: Milan in 36 hours.