Kessler’s Kulm Davos: Welcome to the Family (Win a Weekend in the Mountains)

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Davos is always a great place to escape the city jungle. Lucky as I am, I can enjoy some fresh mountain air within a 2 hours train ride from Zurich, which is great. And everytime I leave, I tell myself that I should do it more often. Because it’s not only about winter sports: it could be wellness, simply a walk, the heavy mountain food or an almost endless night in a bar. As you might already know, this weekend was about music. And my host during these three days was, once again, the perfect fit.

Davos: Follow the Mountain Sound

Davos, Panorama Hotel, Restaurants, Switzerland, travel, Wellness

The last time I’ve visited Davos was about 20 years ago, as far as I remember. My grandpa used to be there a lot so we went up in the mountains to visit him. Even if I actually have great memories of that period, I didn’t take the chance to go back. True, living in south Italy during my teenage years didn’t really enforce my love for ice skating, skiing or snowboarding, since a temperature of 10 degrees celsius is already freezing for us.

Songbird Festival Opening #2: Reza Dinally / Leslie Clio – melancholia vs. catchy pop

Concert, Davos, Leslie Clio, Live, Reza Dinally, Songbird Festival, Switzerland

The second evening of the Songbird Festival had again on stage two artists that couldn’t have been more different from each other musically speaking: Reza Dinally and Leslie Clio. At the legendary Montana Hotel, that celebrates itself as “Aprés Snow Culture” venue, I was happy to find an intimate concert hall, way smaller than the previous one, including some vintage stucco on the Roof: how charming is that?

Songbird Festival Opening #1: The Drops / Willam White – young freshness vs. positive vibes

Concert, Davos, Live, Music, Songbird Festival, Switzerland, The Drops, William White

The 7th Edition of the Songbird Festival taking place in the Swiss mountains of Davos couldn’t have a better start by having on stage two acts totally different from each other: the young pop/rock quartet of Basel based band The Drops and our national Reggae Sweetheart William White.