Songbird Festival Opening #2: Reza Dinally / Leslie Clio – melancholia vs. catchy pop

Concert, Davos, Leslie Clio, Live, Reza Dinally, Songbird Festival, Switzerland

The second evening of the Songbird Festival had again on stage two artists that couldn’t have been more different from each other musically speaking: Reza Dinally and Leslie Clio. At the legendary Montana Hotel, that celebrates itself as “Aprés Snow Culture” venue, I was happy to find an intimate concert hall, way smaller than the previous one, including some vintage stucco on the Roof: how charming is that?


The venue was perfect to host indie-rocker Reza Dinally & Band, that released his first album one month ago, additionally by getting some help via crowdfunding. Because, sad reality, “Music Lovers aren’t enough anymore to put a whole work together”.  Six years after releasing his first EP, “Depths of Montmartre” was born. The record could Sound brand new to some Reza Dinally fans: they may were some people expecting an acoustic album, but this one gets actually a bit heavier and louder than his previous EP. It’s some genuine rock that brings us on a journey… and it gets sweeter when you listen to it once again. And again and again. So the wait was totally worth it.

The live performance was the confirmation that this timeless work has potential to be defined one of the best Swiss records of 2014. And there is no surprise that their album release at Bogen F in Zurich was a complete sold out. Reza Dinally took myself in a complete new dimension, the audience around me disappeared and there was just an inevitable floating along the band’s sound. Reza’s warm voice, combined with the gloomy melodies, are a true delight. It became one of these records that I use to play in the evenings; it fits to the winter’s darkness and it lightens the cold season up. Surely one of my personal discoveries of this musical year.

Have a listen to Reza Dinally’s work here:

The second and main act of this cold Saturday night in Davos was the German Pop Sensation Leslie Clio. I was still in an in between state when her Show began, and well, it felt a bit like a bad awakening. Leslie Clio was acclaimed as THE act of this year’s festival: I might chose the wrong night, or I might wasn’t ready for this, but I was more convinced about the last three artists than the actual one I had in front of me. Maybe it was my own shock’s fault as well, after switching so fast from the warmth of indie-rock to modern soul-pop. Leslie’s song are catchy and well played live, especially if you think that her whole band was rearranged and was on stage for the very second time.

Her self irony was a big plus in the beginning, it broke the ice fast, but it started to get eventually out of the place when time passed and when it came to perform some serious songs. Her dancing through the crowd was well accepted, but after the fifth time the surprise effect was gone. However, the audience seemed to enjoy her hits “Told you So” and “I couldn’t care less” live, also played up and down in our Radios. These were also the moments where her goofing around and smashing heels on the drums made me laugh with everybody else. She is for sure a particular personality, unpredictable like Lily Allen, with a smooth, sweet voice, that only needs to dose her acting on stage, depending on what she’s about to perform. Besides the nervous live show, “Gladys”, her actual Album, released in 2013, is very enjoyable and its melodies will remain stuck in your mind instantly.

The proof here: listen to the successful single “I couldn’t care less”

Even if there’s a wee bit of disappointment about the last act (tastes are different, fortunately, right?), the show was a success and the athmosphere during the festival is awesome. The opening weekend couldn’t have a better start. The Songbird Festival Davos, with ist diversity, suggestive venues and carefully Chosen line up, is definetly a place to be every year in December. It shows clearly, that Switzerland has loads of healthy and insanely talented musicians… And I can’t obviously wait to hit the mountains again in 2015.

The Songbird Festival Davos runs until December 20th, 2014 with the following acts:
Tobias Carshey / Ella Ronen & Mark Kelly / Me, Valentin and you (solo)
Kirchner Museum, December 10th, 2014
Reto Burrell / Famous October (Sarah Bowmann & Coal)
Escher Raumdesign, December 11th, 2014
Kutti MC / Luca Little
Hotel Schatzalp, December 12th, 2014
Jaël Malli / The Smile Effect
Hotel Schatzalp, December 13th, 2014
Gustav / Liselottes
Hotel Seehof, December 17th, 2014
November and Me / Bob Spring
KaffeeKlatsch, December 18th 2014
Lea Lu / Tobey Lucas
Waldhotel, December 18th, 2014
Ritschi / Skor
Montanasaal, December 19th, 2014
Caraway / James Gruntz (SOLD OUT)
KaffeKlatsch, December 19th, 2014
Pegasus / Baba Shrimps
Zimmerei Künzli, December 20th, 2014
Grab your ticket here
A big Thank You to Michel Pernet & his Blofeld Team for having me

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