5 Things to do in Davos

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The Swiss Mountains are beautiful, well known and during winter everybody who has the chance goes up high to enjoy snow and sunshine. So what’s the point of this article, you might think. Davos has a lot to offer besides its ski sites plus, if you go right before the high (and expensive) season starts, you’ll find yourself between a bunch of good happenings.

Kessler’s Kulm Davos: Welcome to the Family (Win a Weekend in the Mountains)

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Davos is always a great place to escape the city jungle. Lucky as I am, I can enjoy some fresh mountain air within a 2 hours train ride from Zurich, which is great. And everytime I leave, I tell myself that I should do it more often. Because it’s not only about winter sports: it could be wellness, simply a walk, the heavy mountain food or an almost endless night in a bar. As you might already know, this weekend was about music. And my host during these three days was, once again, the perfect fit.

Songbird Festival Davos: The Opening Weekend


Two weekends ago, winter clearly started to kick in here in Switzerland. And what better occasion to make things easier and escape a bit to the mountains again, where the chance for sun and having some warm rays on your sweater is way higher than the grey and foggy city. Obviously I didn’t go to Davos for any type of winter sports: I never learned it, and the idea of rolling myself in wet cold snow disappeared maybe at the age of 12. I made all my way up for the 8th edition of the Songbird Festival.