5 Things to do in Davos

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The Swiss Mountains are beautiful, well known and during winter everybody who has the chance goes up high to enjoy snow and sunshine. So what’s the point of this article, you might think. Davos has a lot to offer besides its ski sites plus, if you go right before the high (and expensive) season starts, you’ll find yourself between a bunch of good happenings.

Davos is a bit bigger than the small mountain villages you usually see on postcards, but this doesn’t take any charme away from it. It has the reputation of bein the centre of the nightlife and movida of the region, for some good reasons. But there is a bit more than aprés ski bars and jägerbombs hidden on the event list of this place, I thought you should know. Here are my top 5 things to do in Davos on pre-season, that would be in the beginning of December.



Songbird is a festival that belongs to Davos’ institution and it’s very well known especially among locals. The event focuses on Swiss musicians (performing in English or German), from newcomers to well established ones, that will perform in different hotels during two weeks. Every setting is special and has a different atmosphere, and there is something for everybody: from acoustic to folk, from urban to pop. If you’re more than a spontaneous one not wanting to buy any tickets in advance, you can still enjoy the Nightcap – a range of free concerts happening in the most intimate venues of town.


Songbird Festival Davos, from December 8th to December 23rd 2017. For more infos, click here.


If you want to truly tell your friends back home over Instagram that “you woke up like this”, do it in a hotel that has a proper view. Waldhotel Davos is one of the best choices: it lays right next to a lush forest, up high in town, with a shuttle service taking you wherever you wanna go. This former sanatorium was kept as authentic as the original building as possible, with some twists here and there. It won’t be that easy to leave bed overlooking all that goodness out of your window, but there’s option: coffee in bed or strolling downstairs to a wide range of breakfast options, and you’ll still get the panorama, no worries! From the breakfast, to the terraces, to two highly reccommended restaurants – I won’t be surprised if you will never leave this place during your entire stay.


Waldhotel Davos, book your stay here


Davos has tons of good restaurants to choose from. It can get quite hard if you’re a newbie, but I got you covered. There are two places where to get some proper Swiss Fondue: at the Stüvetta at Hotel Panorama or in the restaurant of Hotel Kessler’s Kulm in Davos Wolfgang, a little out of town. For brunch I highly reccommend KaffeeKlatsch: from traditional rösti, to cakes and juices – you’ll find all that your heart desires. If you’re feeling luxurious then you should enjoy a 5 course menu with wine at Restaurant Mann & Co., which proudly has 15 Gault Millau points.



Another great event going down just a wee bit before Christmas is MDRNTY on the Schatzalp, a bit higher up, even greater views. If you are a lover of all house and techno, this is something you should not miss at all. You’ll be partying until late at night into a transparent tent, which will allow you to gaze over the blue sky or the sunset no matter in which direction you’ll look. Be warned, tickets sell out fast, so don’t think too much about it, just do it.


MDRNTY, December 10th 2017, more infos here


If after all of this eating, partying and carrying yourself through your hotel lobby you still have some spare energy left, go ice skating. There is a whole park set up in the middle of town during winter and I swear it’s alot of fun. I didn’t ice skate probably in the past 20 years or so, but it was so much fun – and the mulled wine was even more after.


Eistraum, more infos here 

*This post was created in cooperation with Waldhotel Davos

*drone picture by Davos Klosters


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