Ho ho ho! Win a Stay in Lisbon!

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I couldn’t end this blogging year without a bang! Dear readers close and far, I hope you all had a blast during the start of this holiday season! I still have a couple of stories to share with you about my travels, but first I want to leave you with a treat.

You probably still know that I had the blast of my life out in Portugal. This country has a ton to offer, and will leave you speechless. So since the lovely souls of Lisbon Short Stay have been so good to me, I want you to have a piece of cake too. You should be able to experience a stay in the middle of town, surrounded by great interior, a well stocked up bar, a rooftop to unwind and share your thoughts with others – basically a place where you feel at home, free of worries, maybe your own kickoff to your own Portugal journey. (more about my journey at Lisbon Short Stay, pictures included here)


I am giving away one night at Lisbon Short Stay, where you can inspire yourself on where to explore next, relax and get carried away by the amazing sense of freedom and welcoming I felt during my stay. Please read carefully the terms and conditions below, and just give it a try, I’d be amazed to treat one of my readers on this amazing journey.

EN: The contest includes one free night in a studio, breakfast included. Uprade possible upon avalaibility. Every additional night saves 15%. The voucher is valid until May 2017. Booking dates excluded: 30.12 | 31.12 | 01.01 | 11.02 | 12.02 | 13.02 ¦ 14.02 | 15.02| 14.04 | 15.04 | 16.04. How to win: just hit your E-Mail address into the subscription box at the end of this post. If you’re already a subscriber just send me a message on bohemianstella@gmail.com. (don’t cheat, I have my subscribers tracked) Winner will be informed on January 2nd, 2017 via mail.

DE: Der Wettbewerb beinhaltet eine gratis Nacht im Studio Apartment, inklusive Frühstück. Jede weitere Nacht erhält 15% Rabatt. Der Gutschein ist bis Ende Mai 2017 gültig. Im Wettbewerb nicht inbegriffen sind die folgenden Daten:30.12 | 31.12 | 01.01 | 11.02 | 12.02 | 13.02 ¦ 14.02 | 15.02| 14.04 | 15.04 | 16.04. Wie mitmachen: abonniere den Blog via E-Mail am Ende des Artikels per E-Mail. Falls du den Blog bereits abonniert hast, schreibe mir eine Nachricht hier: bohemianstella@gmail.com. Der Gewinner wird via Mail am 2. Januar 2017 benachrichtigt.


I wish you again happy holidays. I hope I can give back some love and give you a treat for the upcoming year ❤ Once again, Merry Christmas and an amazing 2017!

*pictures by Lisbon Short Stay, display purpose only. More infos about Lisbon Short Stay here.

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