Joss Stone (UK): Water for our Soul – a bohemian soul session

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There are artists out in this world, who could be more credited for their talent. Because they have a powerful voice, a great band on stage, a big variety of styles in one record or live sessions that bring back the smokey, dusty and raw jazz club athmosphere.


I’m talking about Joss Stone, a British soul singer that hit our local charts when she was sixteen, and is now finally touring with her newest baby, “Water for the Soul”. Her voice belongs in my opinion to the best of the past ten years, speaking of soulful music, like Amy Winehouse had. The records are free of any big rearrangements or changes, far away from bubblegum pop industry – the instruments are clearly identifiyable while listening, the drums, the guitars, the background vocals.

I was lucky enough to be present at her album release here in Zurich at the Kaufleuten club, less lucky to not having my camera working (it’s an old lady and she needs the doctor sometimes). Coming out on a stage with a microphone wrapped in a flowery scarf was waiting, with her typical wavy hair and a flowy white dress, Joss Stone seemed more to play for a bunch of friends in a livingroom than in a sold out venue. Her smiling, and dancing to the new record’s tunes, changing from reggae to sould and then to RnB, immediately let you know that she’s very comfortable on stage, just impersonating her laid back self, bringing the relaxed vibes even to the people standing far back in the club.

Her humour and interaction to the Swiss Fans, was far beyond the usual “Hello Zurich, how are you tonight” that can be thrown right there sometimes, it was an actual conversation. Like right before performing her song “Sensimilla” (one of my favourites on the album, close to the reggaeish intro “Love Me”) – an ode to weed, a topic that still divides opinions.

Joss Stone is able to make her live sessions a one of a kind experience: her new album presentation is the actual proof. It has road trip potential, it’s beach bomfire motivating, it’s candle light and blanket material. I was part of this experience and I really hope to enjoy this lovely lady on stage soon again. Water for the Soul – indeed.

Joss Stone – “Water for the Soul” – purchase your album digital or physical here.

A special thank you to Allblues for having me ❤

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8 thoughts on “Joss Stone (UK): Water for our Soul – a bohemian soul session

  1. Great article. I was wathching the videos from the saturdays concert on a you tube just a minutes ago and have been amazed how powerfull it was. There is something in those “small” gigs indeed. I folow her during all this years and always been wondering why she does not get the recognition she deserves and then I see a concert like this one in Zurich or those in Brasil and realise that she actually does, she gets it from the crowd and that is the most important. Gigs like this one makes me happy even if I whatch it online, cant immagine how great it was for you people who have been there. 🙂


    1. Hello Sanja,
      It was a great show, just like you would expect one of her concerts to be. You know, sometimes I think it’s a shame that some artists like her get less recongnition than others, but in the very end, I am happy to be able to enjoy them in intimate venues & having the chance to be very close to the stage no matter in which corner of the club you stand. The atmosphere and the vibe at live gigs like this can’t be compared to the ultra full, big stadium stuff where you might have a singer’s close up from a giant screen 😉 She seems to be loving what she does and feeling comfy on a small stage – she enjoys it, and you can totally feel that. In my eyes, that’s exactly how a good concert turns out 🙂


  2. Yep, I realised how good it was and I’m happy that you had a lovely time. And thanks a lot for the article, it’s on us to spread a word about this great artist and music, I’m still waiting for my chance to enjoy in all this live.


    1. Thank you very much for the nice words 🙂 It’s actually something that means a lot to me: sharing different types of music with you guys. I’m always happy to read about positive feedbacks if I hit somebody’s taste or even if a person discovers a new artist through me. That makes the work worth it 🙂


  3. Great article! I absolutely love Joss Stone! It really pains me that she isn’t valued (musically) like she should be…I think that she is a “living legend”! When you look at the beginning of her musical journey, and the trajectory thus far, it’s been nothing short of AMAZING!! I mean the growth, the stage presence, the soulfully powerful voice, the passion… And I can think of no one who has collaborated with so many of the best of our time! I listen to Joss every day, and I pray that I am still around to witness her getting the recognition that she deserves! There are many who can sing, but imho, none of them bring what Joss does, and that’s true #soulswag! #TeamJoss4Life!


    1. Hey Denni! Thank you so much for your comment here. She is indeed great and most important, down to earth! I hope for her that her career continues on rising up, she deserves it. She has a one of a kind voice, that can be surely compared to big soul legends. Can’t wait to see her live again 🙂


      1. Thanks for your response! I love music generally, but there have been 2 artists that I would go nuts about, Teena Marie (RIP), and the incomparable Joss Stone! I got to see T.M. in concert, but have yet to see J.S. live! I pray that the day comes soon when she is in concert in my area (Florida).


      2. You never know, as soon as you can think she will might be in the US for a promo tour. That’s what happened here in Switzerland. So stay tuned, I think this really could happen in the near future 😉


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