Let Go. Walks of Noosa.

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When I stepped out of the coach that took myself to Noosa, I was feeling quite weird. In the beginning, I had no idea why: I just arrived in a lovely town, I had warm air around my ears and a beach pretty close to me. It was a choking feeling, like air was almost missing in my lungs…


When you travel very often like I do, from time to time you will remember some places for the great time you had, but also maybe for something that wasn’t so amazing. That’s what was happening to me actually. My main goal to achieve while I was out this year for so long, was to come back with a banging idea, like BOOM. Tons of ideas to perfectionate my blog, the biggest plan in order to build my own digital business and to what I love all day long: write, photograph, telling you guys silly stories of my everyday experiences.


Well, the illumination didn’t come. I was sitting on my patio in Queensland wondering why, but especially realising that my long term nomadic life was about to come to an end. I know, there’s far worst in this world. This whole thing was a luxury problem of mine. But for somebody that loves getting around on this planet, having this feeling of being home everywhere, and enjoying to tell YOU people all the good you could experiece out there, it’s kind of freedom raping.


Trying to make a point to someone who sees a travel as a leisure to get away from home for a while, but then get back to “normal” life, is a waste of time. Embrace it like this: some people work to build up a nice house or buy a shiny Mercedes, I work to buy plane tickets and hang on a beach. Let live. Happy days.

I’m supposed to tell you cool stuff about places to go, so this was a quite strange introduction. But it was the right thing to do just in order to explain you how amazing it was to breath the air in Noosa after my struggling.

One of the guys working at my hostel gave the tip to have a relaxed walk (approx. 2-3 hours) through the Noosa National Park. Because it’s good. The huge park leads you from wide beach fronts to green areas. There will be steps to be walked upwards, most successfully if just in concentration with yourself.


If you’re a lucky darling you’ll meet wild koalas on the trees, just like that, in their natural habitat. You’ll have a meet with lonely bays, only you sitting on a tree watching the ocean rushing. The thing that amazed me the most, was the variety on the trail: from aloneness on a beach to a bunch of “tourists” like me on a view point.

DSCN0720 DSCN0726

It’s common to meet people that use to do this trail pretty often, all the way to Noosa town. I thought for myself while walking: “I could use to do this every day before starting work somewhere.” Seriously: what’s more inspiring than start your day barefoot on a beach, walking up to a hill watching the ocean from a cliff, pass lonely places and finally get into the centre of a small town – I had this romantic idea about it.


I’m quite sure that Queeensland has loads of places like this to offer that I didn’t see. I wished I could stop here and there a couple of minutes more. Just to get more into the watching and absorbing. Next time I might won’t be compromising…

Getting into town after a walk like this was kind of getting into New York City from the countryside. After a peaceful walk like this, just grab a coffee on your way, and head to Noosa’s main beach – and keep on dreaming.

DSCN0746 DSCN0734

Noosa took the shit out of me (excuse my French). And it was good to let go.

Practical Infos

Where to stay: The trail started a couple of minutes by walk away from Flashpackers Noosa. The hostel has nice big rooms and a very relaxed vibe. It’s one of the most modern buildings I saw during backpacking through Australia. A pick up from the Greyhound station is provided. You can book your stay here.


Noosa Beach: The Beach in Noosa is amazingly wide and has a carribbean like white sand. It’s worth it to go for a hang or try out surfing. It’s for sure one of the Australian Beaches I miss the most.


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