My Amsterdam Dance Event Week: Exploring East

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My week in Amsterdam has started this afternoon, and I couldn’t be happier that I had the chance to come back this soon! I will pretty much try to keep you as updated as I can with this series that begin from today. I hope you’ll join the ride and be my companion through the streets of this wonderful city I’m never getting tired of, with new insights and finally attending the very famous Amsterdam Dance Event. I was talking to join this great event since five years already, and now it’s really happening!


I checked in at the Volkshotel, which is located pretty much between the Pijp and the eastern district of the city. De Pijp has my heart already: I love the markets, the variety of restaurants and the cute bars you’re able to find there. I didn’t know much about Amsterdam East instead. So the sun was shining at it’s best, that was the perfect occasion to have one of my probably very numerous walks outside.


Earlier this year, my curiousity took me to Amsterdam Noord (read the related post here) – a place where streetart is alive, alternative spaces are booming and everyone that hangs around there for a while along the water, discovers his sailor side deep down.


Picture above: Amsterdam Noord

Amsterdam Oost is very different compared to the northern part. It has nothing to do with old warehouses, but it gave me the feeling that something is actually also on the change here. The typical red brick houses are harmonically andiecent to modern buildings. Nice vintage shops, designer furnitures and outstanding cafés (which café ISN’T outstanding in Amsterdam?) pop out in between the usual yummy fruits and vegetables presented on the sidewalk outside of the local store, for example.


A walk along the canal around here seems to be much quieter than in the sometimes very over crowded centre, there are less or none houseboats, but a lot of ducks and swans saying hi instead. My stroll through the Oosterpark was also a delight – another plus here: loads of green spaces to hang out alone or with friends.


Another fascinating thing in Amsterdam that I absolutely love is the outside sitting culture: the sun is out, let’s have our drink outside! Which is actually an amazing thing because sun is very enjoyable even in the colder months. I couldn’t miss it either, so I searched a wind protected spot to enjoy my coffee with a full load of light in my face. So good!


This is pretty much how I expected my first day to be: quite chilled, slow, seeing new corners of this beautiful town and have time to actually “arrive”, not only by stepping out of a plane, but getting used to everything again. And testing my new Nikon, which is doing very well actually!

DSC_0317 DSC_0319

If you were looking for my first post to be about a terrible hangover or how great the clubbing scene here is, don’t worry: I will actually have enough time to be part of some great venues here at the Amsterdam Dance Event. I’m sure I’ll discover a lot in the next seven days. So let’s start slowly 🙂


I hope you’re going to be part of this journey. ❤

Practical Infos

Favourite Café so far in Amsterdam Oost: Rein on Wibaustraat. It has a great sandwich selection and I had a freshly made ginger tea. In addition to that, you’ll have a good choice of smoothies and oathies. It’s a cosy place to hang out for a read or with your mobile office.


Rein, Wibautstraat 80,1091 GP Amsterdam

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