My Amsterdam Dance Event Week: Nightwalks & Kickoff

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Yesterday I played tourist for another good while, I walked all the way up to the city centre. For me it’s kind of ironic, because I don’t really need a map anymore to get around, especially when it comes to go the popular districts of the city. Amsterdam still surprises me though, because everytime I think I saw it all, I see new places like cafés, galleries and stores pop out of the blue that I never knew about it.


Anyway, my late afternoon walk lead me uptown, because I wanted to finally have my very own evening and night pictures of town. It’s kind of hard to show you how magical the canals are at night through a lens though. I am pretty much an amateur photographer so I did the best I could. I decided to choose a filter for this post series, because I think it fits perfectly to the autumn feeling and crisp air up here. Between the walks I obviously stepped into some restaurants for a bite and a warm tea, the wind can be tricky up here!

DSC_0379 DSC_0383 DSC_0372

Today, instead, it was all about the official Amsterdam Dance Event opening. It’s hard to miss it, the yellow seats and flags show you exactly which places are part of this phenomenal event, and to be honest, I’m glad they do. With happenings in over 1000 places until Sunday, it would be nearly impossible to spot them, especially when they take place in a venue with no sign or any info on the outside.

DSC_0425 DSC_0353

I had some trouble for picking up my passes and stuff, basically I had to go in different places to collect everything. This took a good while off my schedule which means that I couldn’t attend a bunch of things planned in the afternoon. Well, not everything goes always as planned, it’s what I learned a while ago. Plus, I will be part of an amazing press trip tomorrow and on Friday, that means I will see (and hopefully especially hear!) a lot.

In terms of hearing, I’m listening to the Resident Advisor live DJ set on Red Light Radio right now while writing. That’s a great thing about this festival, the loads of streaming allow you to be part of it, even if just for a tiny part.


After collecting everything, I headed to the Hotel Droog to see the Instagram Gallery on Music Photography. The building is amazingly decorated and has a cute background garden. The load of white you get inside makes every piece of furniture outstanding and every decoration is particularly chosen. This exhibition took me back to the part of social media I actually like: less about self inscenating, more about capturing moments on festivals, in clubs, portraits of DJs. Even trying to capture the musical moment itself, if you ask me. The pictures where shown on canvas or on a screen as a slide show, and there truly were a bunch of them I’ve imagined hanging on my own walls.

DSC_0419 DSC_0408 DSC_0412 DSC_0411

Earlier this afternoon, I quickly went to the OWOW Sessions – where a dutch invention was showed. A device looking pretty much like an Ipod, able to generate different tunes just by moving your hand on it. So that creating sounds would be “stupidly easy”, as the creators say. You obviously still should have some rhythm in your blood, otherwise it won’t actually be so easy as it looks. The session was held at the blue teahouse in the Vondelpark, which I encourage you to go anyway on a sunny day, it’s a cute café.

DSC_0348 DSC_0349

I am very excited to see what tomorrow brings. I will run between DJs creating sounds surrounded by paintings (Jeff Mills), have great food, enjoy some Amsterdam views by boat and loads more…

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