Jungle (UK): the groove is coming soon to Switzerland

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There was no other Newcomer band in the UK lately that was able to let several press members speculate around about them. Rumors came up in the internet, talking about an anonymous duo, acclaimed to become the new Daft Punk.

I’m talking about modern soul collective Jungle, a London based band, which released their first Album this year . The record is funky in a total innovative way. The vocals sound like in 70s or early 80s disco tracks, the beats are modern, catchy, including Tropical prercussions, wildlife noises and psychedelic washes. If I should attempt some comparing, I would Switch between a few artists, actually: MGMT (the psychedelic sounds), Daft Punk (part of the guitar riffs) or even Jamroquai (that catchy, funky sound).

Funny thing is, that These two guys, “J” and “T”, didn’t really want to make a whole secret about their persona at all. The only fault of these two talented young men was to release their first single “Platoon” last year,without picturing themselves, and choosing the 6 year old breakdancer Terra to be the Superstar of their Music Video. That’s it. Critics were expecting them to play behind a wall at their tour start. Like Daft Punk showing up with helmets or Gorillaz being cartoons. None of that. The duo just put together a band, mostly composed by their friends and went on stage. The moment came where the names finally popped out: Jungle are Josh Lloyd-Watson and Tom McFarland, it’s no secret anymore. I think they still have a laugh about it, when the whole story is mentioned in interviews.

Have a look and a listen to “Platoon” here:

After a successful festival summer and a totally sold out UK tour, Jungle are ready to hit the rest of Europe. So, if you are in Switzerland, go for it! Jungle will make a stop in Zurich, and play at concert venue Komplex 457. Do you wanna know who they are and move your hips a little bit? Get your ticket here.

Jungle (& Special Guest)

Album: Jungle
Release: 2014
Showtime: 20.11.2014 20:00
Venue: Komplex Klub, Hohlstrasse 457, 8048 Zürich

Presented by Mainland Music and Takk

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