Marina and the Diamonds (UK) – Froot: life couldn’t get much sweeter.

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Folks! If there’s any of you out there with a little passion for innovative Indie Pop, then you surely didn’t miss Marina Diamandis’ announcement via social media yesterday.
It was pretty clear that something will be coming soon, ’cause this greco-welsh Beauty already made public her Album release through her first single, which has the same name as the Album itself: “Froot”.

“Froot” will be released on April 3rd, 2015, so in six months. If the Album is pre-ordered on Amazon, ITunes or Marina’s Website, there will be a track released every month. This might makes the waiting time a bit easier, even if a lot of hardcore fans couldn’t understand why it has to take so long after this announcement. In my opinion it was a great idea and I really look forward to every month’s release!

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The new single seems to go back to Marina’s Indie roots of her first Album, “The Family Jewels”. When I listen to the music without the lyrics, I can totally hear something of “Shampain” out. Totally different was the direction of album number two, “Electra Heart”, which went more in a Dance Pop direction, and made her gain popularity especially in the US. I remember her single “Primadonna” being sold like crazy also here in Switzerland. I am a fan of both babys, it’s maybe because every record has songs that I feel related with. Even though “Froot” leans lightly on “The Family Jewels”, it has a different vibe. Like a lot of musicians, Marina tried to fight darkness and disappointments by putting them down on lyrics, and in her case, there was a lot of dark humour in all those texts. Something that I love, just because there are plenty of passages that I would say myself! On the day that “Froot” came out, the Internet was like “there you go, another song about casual sex”. And everybody was wrong. So wrong.

As she reveals in a very private interview on, the single is about her finally found happiness. An ode to it, basically. The whole Album will be a total new thing and will eventually catch less the sad Spirit she used to have in the last couple of years. We can’t tell until we hear.  She already knew that “Electra Heart” would have been a phase, “the anomaly”, as she calls it in the interview. She gained a lot of Electro Pop Music fans during that period, so now it’s up to them if they still wanna follow her progress or just let her fall because it could become different. After ending her “Electra Heart” tour, she disappeared for six months and didn’t really see loads of People during that time. She sorted things out, and this progress and rising should be heared on “Froot”. I am really excited to hear the new monthly releases and see where it takes until the full album is out. So if it goes in the single’s direction, there’s nothing that can go wrong. For those who don’t know, Marina surely has one of the most versatile voices in the Pop Business! Also her Video appearence changed: she Looks like a futuristic Sophia Loren. A word to describe how I feel about it: Amazeballs!

“Froot” Album Cover

“I suppose still being feminine but maybe dressing in a way I didn’t before. I used to be a lot louder, a lot more ‘pop art’, but now I’m 29 I feel different, and I want to dress differently. […]  I can’t control what people think of me and what people are going to think of anything I do in the future. I think for the first time, I feel comfortable. I know I’ve struggled in certain parts of the past five years, as most artists do when they’re starting out, and I know I’m always going to want to experiment with production and with sound so everyone had better get used to the fact I’m probably going to change with each album!”  – Marina Diamandis on (read full interview here)

So have a listen, give her a Chance, she planned some nice things, why don’t believe her?

Marina And The Diamonds
Release Date: April 3rd, 2015
Atlantic Records UK

Purchase is possible through iTunes, Amazon or the Marina and the Diamonds Website

Marina and The Diamond just announced that she will be performing at Lollapallooza, Brazil, in March 2015 – more dates to come

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