Brighton: London’s better version (?)

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I tried to use my spare time during winter darkness wisely, because let’s face it: even if the lit candles are nice and the red wines warming, there’s nothing more awesome than planning a bit ahead for the upcoming sunny season. I have to admit, I’m quite clueless about the UK, despite a gazillion times in London and a short visit to Manchester, I’ve rarely been there. Because brrr… cold and rainy mostly.

Camden Loves You

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After a series of non amusing events lately, I couldn’t really imagine that my girl’s weekend out of town would join the group. It’s been a while since I’ve hit the airport, for my taste, so it lightly disappointed me to know that the so awaited gateaway turned out to a solo trip. So I basically had the choice: flush everything down the toilet, or get out of town to give myself that break anyway.

Marina and the Diamonds (UK) – Froot: life couldn’t get much sweeter.

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Folks! If there’s any of you out there with a little passion for innovative Indie Pop, then you surely didn’t miss Marina Diamandis’ announcement via social media yesterday.
It was pretty clear that something will be coming soon, ’cause this greco-welsh Beauty already made public her Album release through her first single, which has the same name as the Album itself: “Froot”.