I’m out of here #11: Rainbow Beach – Sand Dunes & Slow Life

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Yesterday I started my trip back south, I’ll be soon in Brisbane since my flight to Bali will leave from there. However, the lovely City of Brisbane doesen’t have a beach nearby, so I decided to stop in between, in Rainbow Beach.

Rainbow Beach is a quiet Little village located strategically just in front of Fraser Island, so most backpackers stop here to make their daytrips, and come back for one night or two before heading again on a bus.
This place here is very small, which doesen’t mean it isn’t worth staying here: in fact, it has a great relaxed atmosphere, and it makes you appreciate the simple things in life again. Getting a coffee and just having a walk down the beach felt completely different somehow, the beach is nearly empty and time seems to stand still.

A lot of houses overlook the ocean here – jealous!
My neighbour Fritz 🙂

Besides the usual walk on the beach, there are a couple things more to discover in Rainbow Beach: yesterday evening, after the heat became a Little bit more enjoyable, I was taken by my landlord to the Carlo Sand Blow, which is located just a few steps away from town.
This huge dune is 120 km high, and overlooks the Ocean on one side and the rainforest on the other. You’ll have a great view over the whole coastline here, which makes it an amazing spots for  photographs, sunset watching or, as the younger crowd does, just cruising down the dunes with a bodyboard.

You’ll reach the Carlo Sand Blow after a short bushwalk at the very beginning of the Great Cooloola Walk, a 5 days hike that will bring you down to Noosa, while you’ll experience views over the coast and Fraser Island. As I could read at the entrance, this hike seems to be something for pros, so I wouldn’t exactly start Walking around five days in the heat without knowing the essential survival tips and without having the right Equipment ;).

More Useful Tips

What to do: Besides your Fraser Island daytrip (book here) and great walks, Rainbow beach offers other activities for water Lovers, as for example Dolphin View Kajaking. Tin Can Bay is also on a 30 minutes drive away, you’ll have the possibility to feed the dolphins there. I’d recccommend a stay up to five days if you wanna include Fraser, otherwise I think that three days are the perfect length for a Relaxing gateaway.

Where to Stay: I booked myself  Jill’s and Justin’s beach shack, and it couldn’t be a better idea! The Studio is lovely decorated, has an extra king size bed, and an own Little Patio outside. The landlords are very welcoming and have plenty of tips of what to do in the area. They seem to Support the local businesses here in Rainbow Beach, which in my opinion is absolutely great. You’ll feel at home istantly and you’ll hard want to going to leave this colorful Little gem. Plus: breakfast is included!You can book your stay here.

Food & Co.: If you’ll live in a self contained Apartment you’ll might be cooking on your own.  However, I’d like to encourage you to try the Restaurant Arcobaleno on the beach: it’s a nice italian Restaurant with italian People cooking in the back, and you’ll feel the difference when you’ll eat the dishes. 🙂

So have fun here, lay back, enjoy the breeze, and don’t rush yourself…

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