FAQ Series #5: Travelling alone, why? 4 reasons why it isn’t that bad


Maybe it isn’t something for everybody, but I still wanted to write a post about travelling alone. I don’t do it all the time, but for sure once a year. It happened many times, when I talked to People and told them that I was going to travel by myself, to get questions like “why are you going alone?”, “isn’t it boring?” or “aren’t you scared to go by yourself?”. No. For all three questions.

It feels like having a disease sometimes, when I have a conversation about lone travelling, well, get this: it’s all my choice and I’m pretty Aware that nobody is going to be in my Company. So, since this is another Topic which I have to explain myself very often, I put my personal four reasons together, of why travelling alone isn’t really a bad Thing.

1. Everything happens on your own Timing

It doesen’t really matter if it’s about sleeping until noon because you just want to or maybe, like me, just want to sit down in a Café or on your Hotel balcony, sip coffee and write. You won’t ever be in any rush to do something, you won’t have to wait for somebody or compromise on any decision. You can do whatever you want. Basically: let the egomaniac in yourself rise 🙂

2. It’s all about your trip Organisation

Are you planning to visit an Exhibition, just to stroll around certain City districts or have lunch in that very good looking beachfront Restaurant? Good, go for it!

What I always do before my departure on my companyless trips is to inform myself as much as I can. I try to figure out if there are any cool Museum I want to visit, how the City is built and what quarters are worth to go at. I know I will have time to stop whenever I want to take Pictures, for example. In Addition to that, I love fancy looking coffee houses, even better if they have a view. I could sit for two hours there, sipping my latte and to People watching on a sunny day. Basically all the stuff which takes some time and could eventually bore any potential co-traveller, depending on the interest.

If you’re worried about having dinner alone and you get the Feeling to have People staring at you, this is a big myth… You’ll find locals that will have dinner by themselves without any issue, so you’re not a weirdo by doing that. If you feel uncomfortable, you might should do some take Outs first, or simply avoid the date Restaurants 😉

Another great concept is the single Restaurant in Amsterdam called Eenmaal: you’ll find only table for one and it’s defined as “an attractive place for temporarly disconnection”. It was so successful that a second Restaurant has opened in London already. And you never know… It doesen’t exactly mean you won’t start any conversation there 😉

3. Alone is not equal alone

Departing by yourself won’t necessary mean that you will shut up all the time and don’t talk for a week. If you’re not into the 5*+ Resort Kind of Thing (which is nice, absolutely…), you will meet a lot of interesting People by living in a shared Apartment or in a hostel for example. This will make your stay lovely: you can follow your plans during the day but will have a beer Buddy or two when you’ll chill at home. This is a precious advice, because you can get great tips about what else to see in the City you’re at that you didn’t really know before. Local tips are always amazing!

Or maybe you’re visiting a friend who’s working during the day. Same here: you’ll have plenty of time and you can catch up later on for dinner and Chat about your day.

4. Make a step out your comfort Zone

As you might have readen in my “About” section, I am convinced that travelling is one of the biggest mind openers you can have. Even better if you’re travelling alone. You’ll might be forced to get out of your comfort Zone and talk to strangers, if you’re shy this is going to be a challenge which will help you out for your future everyday life (nobody’s gonna bite).

If you’re travelling in a total different continent you can take Advantage of the cultural difference and learn new things. I had a lot of interesting conversations during my travels and I always figured things out that I wouldn’t have found in any lonely planet guide.


I hope this inspired you a Little to pack your bag and go for a journey by yourself. It doesen’t have to be Long. Try for the length of a Weekend for the first time: you’ll figure out fast if it fits for you or not.

Happy Travels ❤

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