The Versailles side of Basel

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Basel was for me for a long time a transit city only. Direct flights to my hometown Naples were quite rare, so I was travelling tons of times across this city just to hit the airport and be gone. I had to realize a while ago that Basel has a lot more to offer and isn’t that far away from in number of  events, cultural life and summer outdoor experiences compared to Zurich. I attended one of the most outstanding fall festivals here, which is Baloise Session, and my homebase for a night has been the most perfect fit in order to have unforgettable memories.

I’m talking about the Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois – the name is program already, right? It’s one of the oldest hotel buildings in Europe, and you can still smell the vintage vibe in here. The high ceilings, the heavy courtains and the lobby’s chandeliers are the first, very inviting things you’ll meet into this palace like building. Seriously, little Versailles (I’ve been there and it reminded me a lot of it somehow). Only a few grand dames coming out of old paintings, sitting there in historical clothes would have made the picture more perfect than it already was.


The Hotel is strategically located in Basel’s old town, just along the river Rhine. The outdoor terrace was the best place for a morning tea and since the weather was almost too warm for November, we just enjoyed the talks and the lovely view for a few hours. The lobby and the always overbooked, fine dining restaurant Le Cheval Blanc are also andiecent to the riverside, for those who love to experience the city’s night sparkle over the water.


The suites are all different from each other – in tapestry, color, and furnitures. The palace vibe obviously stays, but every comfort is provided. A touchscreen panel at every room entrance makes everything easier, the welcome plates are a pure delight for the eye and the mouth, and so are the spacious bath and the supersoft bed (I couldn’t barely leave it…!)


Another great thing for us to end our Baloise Session night properly was the bar. We use to make concerts and festival retrospective a lot (and I love it!), so the comfy sofa corner next to the fireplace were the best place to do it. I appreciated it a lot not only because of the looks, but also because there was no extreme noise and no need to yell at each other – a relaxed talk can happen here, which sometimes is exactly what you need.


The Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois is divided into a classical and an Art Deco part of the building, which was more sober compared to what I described to you, but still classy. The Hotel offers two more restaurants, a Brasserie and an Italian one, plus a cigar lounge for the gentlemen, which is held in amazingly elegant colors, plus has a great cigar collection from all over the world.


I have to admit, I always feel lucky when I’m able to hit places like this. I am used to all kinds of accomodations already, but when it’s combined with an exeptional service, then I’m more than glad to reccomend a stay in a lush place like this. I felt immediately welcome and the staff make sure you’ll get everything you need.


I miss that terrace already…

If your next destination is Basel and you’re in need of a one of a kind stay click here to book your room.

This post was kindly supported by the Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois and Swiss Deluxe Hotels

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7 thoughts on “The Versailles side of Basel

  1. Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois looks absolutely decent. Being a Leaders Club Unlimited member, Les Trois Rois definitely is on my list, too! There is nothing better than luxury hotels in Switzerland! 🙂


      1. Sounds just totally amazing. I may use one of free nights at LHW for a stay at Les Trois Rois. While being amazing, it’s also a little pricey!


      2. It actually is a bit pricey, but this is almost everything in general here in Switzerland. A budget hotel can already show you horrendous prices, depending on the booking period. But usually in a hotel like Les Trois Rois, you won’t get disappointed about the quality, you really get what you pay for. So I think it’s a good hint: if coming to Switzerland, don’t bring the small wallet 😉

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      3. Sorry about the late reply… Was gone from the extreme online madness for a bunch of days. Never been to Andermatt, but I live like 10 minutes away from Dolder. It’s a gorgeous place, kind of reminds me of Disneyland, haha 😀 Never seen the rooms but was there for a drink or when some events are taking place… Always great actually!

        Liked by 1 person

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