#inlovewithswitzerland: An (Almost) Endless Summer

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I’m all about wanderlust. Grab your bags and go. Just like that. As often as possible. But there is actually one time of the year where I don’t really feel the urge to leave, and that’s during summer. Are you ready to take a little tour with me?

Let’s be honest, summer lasts two months at its fullest here. You can already get lucky in June, or usually your April tends to last over 60 days. But when the sunrays get warmer and the sky is less cloudy, Switzerland is a good place to be. Life is played outside, people are more relaxed and up to a beer outdoors rather than place their butts back home on the couch right away, there’s something in the air that screams “Vacay!” all over.

Zurich has the highest density in places where you can have a swim Europewide, when it comes to inner city bathing spots. The lake reaches quite warm temperatures and this might has quite a kitsch vibe, but swimming and facing a whole chain of snowy mountains is pure postcard moment.


In addition to the lake, where you can find tons of different spots, starting from sandstrips to bbq areas – there are rivers too! The water is chilly here, but hey, you might want to cure your last night’s hangover before you just sit there and do people watching. From very urban to ladies only spots – choose your own. You can bring your own beer, or simply try some good old fast food if you’re too lazy.



Lake Zurich is fortunately not the only puddle that blesses me during summer. When tired of the hustle and bustle downtown, there are plenty of other lakes reachable in approximately the same amount of time for me. Greifensee is much smaller but way more chilled, and since they started to rent out SUP boards lately, I’m there roaming on the water’s surface like a champ at least once a week.


Don’t forget the mountains! Warm during the day, a fresh breeze while sipping your well deserved drink at night, and breathtaking landscapes everywhere you look. The lakes up there are pure refreshment, the waters crystal clear and people say (!) they have rejuvenating powers.


So why should I leave? Summer is amazing here and let’s face it: July and August are way too busy and too overpriced most of the time to fly out. I like to enjoy Switzerland in my favourite season: how people take themselves a little less seriously and life is much lighter – I can escape again when the knits will get too heavy and no boots will last to the cold anymore.

Actually when I think about it, it’s happening very soon….

To be continued…

*Places in this article: Lake Zurich, Greifensee, Frauenbad Zürich, Flussbad Oberer Letten, Caumasee

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