FAQ Series #6: I’m short on money, should I travel anyway? 5 reasons why you should.


You obviously don’t have to ask me these questions, because you might already know my answer: yes, yes and again, yes! If you’ve readen my FAQ Series already, you will notice that you don’t need to be rich for travelling around from time to time. Now, I want to concentrate again a bit on this financial aspect, because I see a lot of people worrying about me sometimes, and they totally shouldn’t.

FAQ Series #4: How do you fight post travelling depression?


Alright, if anyone of my friends is reading this post right now, they’re might be lying on the floor laughing their butts off, because I’m usually the last person you should ask this question. I’m always sad to leave beautiful places, who isn’t? But as the long time traveller as I am, I learn more myself after every trip and I suppose I can start giving some advice about how to fight your post travelling depression. Let’s give it a try 😉

FAQ Series #3: How do you handle changed travel plans without freaking out

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Sometimes things don’t exactly go as planned. This concept concerns life in general, but also more specific things: like here, travelling. There where three places that I desperately wanted to see during my trip on the Australian coast: Nimbin, Fraser Island and the Whitsundays. I had to cancel Nimbin because of Cyclone Marcia back in the days and now the weather seems to wanna play crazy again, so no Whitsundays for me.

FAQ Series #2: How do you travel that much?

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After explaining the reason of my disease – travelling – I wanted to jump directly to the second most asked question that comes up very often when I talk to People: HOW do you travel that much?

FAQ Series #1: Why do you travel that much?

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I really wanted to write this post since a good while, but something was always holding me to do it. I didn’t want to explain myself on this topic, I think it’s something of the easiest things to experience in life, but since I have a lot of people questioning about it, here I am.