The northern light: Copenhagen – Part I

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I had the pleasure last year to enjoy Europe’s northern light. I’d like to share again this post series with you. First stop: Copenhagen.

I have to admit, I am a lucky Girl. Knowing a few People based everywhere on this planet, makes it so much easier for me to travel around! Knowing that I was already going to Barcelona to have some beachy vibes, I was asking myself where else I could go this summer. And, since I am a huge Scandinavia fan, I decided to make an Eurotrip in twelve days, including deep north. Startpoint: Sweet Copenhagen.

I visited this wonderful City two times already, so I wasn’t really looking for another Sightseeing tour, more just living the urban life and enjoy what locals do, instead. That was pretty easy for me, because my lovely friend Jiyan hosted me in her comfy Apartment in Norrebro.

Norrebro’s blue summer sky
My friend’s apartment


Norrebro is a lively district in  Copenhagen City. It’s well known for its multi-cultural edge and its hip atmosphere as well. The best way to explore the City is by bike (ha! that was fun!). The danish capital has very good bikelanes, so getting around wasn’t even dangerous for me, so don’t be scared 😉 Norrebro offers a lot of cute Cafés to hang out and some cozy parks to sit in the sun and enjoy the wonderful northern summer (I had better weather than in Zurich, actually!).
I also got the Chance to go out on my first night and have a couple of dark&stormys, a new discover for me,  at Cafeen Kimia: a cute café/bar with live dj and a sitting area outside. Kimia is located on  Blågårdsgade, a Little laid back street with loads of bars and Shops. There are different dj’s playing there and a lot is going on.

Café & Brunchplace Nordisk Brodhus
Photo: Courtesy of

One of my favourite places ever: tjili pop
tjili pop


On Saturday my friend took me to Vesterbro for brunch. Vesterbro is also known for one of the most edgiest and liveliest districts in Copenhagen. What I also appreciate everytime when I am in this City, is how colorful it is: you can find Graffitis and urban art almost everywhere. We went for Brunch at Café Mandela, which has a cute buffet with various food for every kind of taste. Here again, the area outside was so inviting, with loads of sunshine and an industrial vibe.

Streetart in Vesterbro
Streetart in Vesterbro
Café Mandela
Café Mandela
Streetart in Norrebro

Practical Infos – Sightseeing

If you’ve never been to Copenhagen, here some personal reccomandations about what to do or see:

Arken, Museum of Modern Art: Shows the best Pictures and installations of Young and famous artists (current: Hundertwasser). Located in the South of the City, in a beautiful maritime surrounding. Entrance: 95 DKK

Photo: Courtesy of

Louisiana: Another Modern Art Museum, located outside of the City just by the water. I would absolutely visit it because of the amazing Location and the breathtaking architecture of the 3 buildings. The cafe by the water is a must on sunny days.  They have a large variety of exhibitions during the year. Current: Emil Nolde. Entrance: 110 DKK. Reachable by Train from Copenhagen Central Station in 45 minutes.

Photo: courtesy of
Photo: courtesy of

Little Mermaid: based on Hans Christian Andersen’s Tale, it’s the smallest City Symbol in the world with a height of 125 cm

Christiania: Free City in the City. Founded in 1971, Christiania was one of Copenhagen’s places which totally impressed myself. It’s full of colorful buildings, some of them are even marked as historic monuments. Don’t be surprised if you’ll find stands that sell soft drugs, as I said, it’s an alternative City 😉

Christiania flag, courtesy of Christiania’s facebook page

Practical Infos II – Where to stay

The first time I visted the City, I stayed at Hotel Fox. Unfortunately, this Little gem closed a while ago. I would reccomend an Apartment on Airbnb, so that you can Choose a place that suits you well.

If you wanna do some Sightseeing you should buy the CPH Card. It’s avalaible for 24/48/72 and 120 hours. Public Transport, free entrance in 72 Museums and Discounts for attractions and Restaurants are included.

Shopping: you’ll find the most stores on Stroget. Step by at Illum. This department store offers a lot of Young scandinavian fashion labels and is extremely well decorated. (I worked in a department store, I know what I’m talking about, trust me :D)

Nyhavn: the cutest spot to enjoy an evening apero or a nice dinner. The former Harbour was refreshed and renovated, it’s one of the most charming places I’ve ever seen.

If I can give you another good advice, then this: visit Copenhagen during the summer months. The days are longer, temperatures are more comfortable and the season invites locals and visitors to go out. I’ll be back there soon for sure!

The Girls 🙂

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