Summer Sound Gone North #3: Electrosanne (CH)

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This time, for my northern festival tour, I’d like to actually take you a couple of miles more down to central Europe. To be exact, I’m taking you to my home country Switzerland, on the borders of the Lac Léman, to Lausanne, where I enjoyed the 10th edition of Electrosanne.

I was a lucky babe, lately. I think I’ve never had such an impressive summer fullfilled with music festivals like this one – and I feel honored to share it all with you: so instead of being jealous start up planning for your summer next year 🙂


What I’ve rarely seen, were festivals in the middle of a city. Despite the popular Sonar in Barcelona, every festival was quite out of urban surroundings. Well, Electrosanne apparently makes it possible to play all different types of electronic music, right there, under the open sky, on the very central Place de l’Europe. That’s absolutely lush, because first, it makes it easy to reach, and second, the worries on how to get home after one drink or two (cmon, I know you’ve been there at least once!) in the middle of the night night disappears completely.


On this square, surrounded by the lovely Les Arches, a bar complex on site, which was also part of the festival last weekend, you’ll have the opening ceremony kicking off on a Thursday late afternoon. The different artists performed there everyday until Saturday around 1:30 am. The central programme takes place on Friday, so we went to Place de L’Europe at it’s opening at 6pm, and were pleasantly surprised by one of Jägermester’s latest creations, Route56: a drink with ginger beer, so named because of the 56 different herbs present into every bottle to enrich it’s flavour.

DSC_0132 DSC_0104

On festivals like this, there’s always a big chance to make new discoveries. One of my favourites was Nadine Carina, which played some electro-folk full of melancholia, perfect to start into the early evening.

Later, I was amazed about Lalou’s dj set, which is seen as a big insider tip under deep house fans, and I have to admit, it was the first time that I’ve ever heard of him (shame on me!). He played a fantastic one hour set! There’s one more fan here.


Clou of the evening outdoors was techno queen Nina Kravitz. I don’t think I have to tell you more on this, right?

Photo: courtesy of Electrosanne

Photo: courtesy of Electrosanne

When the outdoor venues starts to close, the nightly program just starts to rise. So nah nah, don’t make yourself on your way home, darling – try to spare some energy to dance in one of the clubs that are part of the festival! I wanted to listen to Marcel Dettmann, so we headed to D!Club, located just one minute off site. I have to admit, the long lines and the not so very friendly door staff were a little bit a pain in the butt. So if I can give you one personal tip on that, try to go to the clubs when they open, around 11pm, to avoid the mass of festival people leaving the outdoor site after it closes. There is also a strict no camera policy, so leave your Canons and Nikons back home. Cell cameras were obviously useless in there. We enjoyed a lot the set, D!Club had a great line up and it’s pretty spacious. They have a good balance between mainstream and alternative due their program.


On Saturday it was all about being around the Red Bull Music Academy Stage, which is just attached to Place de L’Europe. After a bite at one of the various food trucks (BEST festival food I’ve ever had!), it was all about to enjoy Jus-Ed’s soulful Dj set. Despite some technical problems happening two times, he seemed to take it pretty relaxed up there 🙂


The darkness led us to be curious about Club La Ruche. The location screams literally “come see me”. A former tiny theatre, very underground and a new discovered gem. Maybe too packed at some point. Oliver Hafenbauer’s electronica totally matched to the location and Lucas Monème was another great discovery into the supercrowded jungle of Swiss DJs.

I would have loved to find out where the usual Sunday closing party took place, but unfortunately my sources had no idea and there were no infos about it – sometimes a festival princess like me can fail too 😉

Anyway, I woke up happy and took a walk instead of crying on something I might could have missed, or not. I absorbed some great new tunes, have a bunch of DJs more on my soundcloud playlist and had a walk at the lake by listening to the playlists.

If you’re ever finding yourself here in Switzerland, end your summer with a bang and head to Lausanne.

Photo: courtesy of Electrosanne

Photo: courtesy of Electrosanne

Practical Infos

How to get there: Lausanne is located pretty much exactly 2 hours by train from Zurich, or about one hour from Geneva.

Where to stay: Everything around the central station is the best location. You can move around by metro or have a short taxi ride at night. You can book your stay here.

About the festival: Outdoor sets have a single entrance fee of 29.- CHF per day. There are obviously complete passes that can be purchased through Electrosanne’s official website.


*header photo: courtesy of Electrosanne

A very special Thank You to Jägermeister for having me as a part of this great festival summer. I hope to catch up soon with you guys!

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