#Foodporn: 5 Barcelona Bite Stops

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Let’s face it: you say Spain, you think of tapas. Nothing wrong with that, I love them and I could stuff my face with chorizo, tortillas and seafood all day long while I’m there. After being in Barcelona quite often in the past years, I developed some love for different places to have brunch, lunch or dinner. It’s been a while since I did a #foodporn edition on this blog, so it’s time to share some tips!

A Taste of Japan

I’ve never been there but it’s certainly on my list. Meanwhile, I try to explore this type of cuisine as often as I can, beyond sushi and edamame beans. I had my very first Udon experience far far away from where I stand right now, in good old Hawaii (I know, weird). I found a place exclusively for Udon Noodles right around my condo’s corner: the lines were long, so I was curious to know why. So I fell in love with maybe one of the simplest dishes on earth. While strolling around in my at the time new neighborhood in Barcelona, I bumped into Yoi Yoi Gion while looking for an ego dinner treat. I fell in love immediately with the minimalistic Japanese interior, the simple menu, and had a laugh with the waitress after asking for a fork. My chopstick skills are terrible, sorry!



Yoi Yoi Gion, Av. Diagonal, 383, 08008 Barcelona (Metro Stop: L3/L5 Diagonal)

A world tour through the flavors of the tropics

Just discovered last June (God Bless Instagram!), Trópico became one of my favourite places to go for a brunch. The first thing that blows away is the interior: I’d love, love, love to have a world map like that in my own livingroom. Since I’m not allowed to really break my own walls in here while on rent, I’ll stick with my imagination… Trópico’s kitchen brings you on a one of a kind brunch journey, offering fresh juices, dragonfruits, arepas, mexican huevos rancheros and the oh so obligate egg benedicts, of course. My advice: Don’t be boring and try new things!


Trópico, Carrer Marquès de Barberà 24, 08001 Barcelona (Metro Stop: L3 Liceu)

The Moon

If you find yourself walking around in the El Born district, dating somebody, dating yourself and accidentally having daddy’s credit card by hand, please try out La Luna! The high ceilings, dimmed lights and a great bar make this place quite magic. It always felt quite medieval to me, to be honest, in a good way, obviously. Always been there for an à la carte menu and never been disappointed so far. They have a great selection of meat and fish dishes. And as far as I could see, the tapas bar at the entrance should be amazing as well. PS: Reservation is quite reccomended, unless you go for dinner around 7pm, aka still siesta time for the most people.


La Luna, C/Abaixadores 10, 08003 Barcelona (Metro Stop: L4 Barceloneta)

The Raw Corner

For my vegetarian/vegan friends out there, or for those who simply want to put some more healthy plants into their bodies, I guess El Café Blueproject is your choice. Working with seasonal ingredients, experimenting with raw organic foods and offering grass and ginger shots, this lovely peaceful place knows what might be good for us after a couple of days spent at off Sónar parties. I liked every bite and tried my first kale chips ever. And let’s stop with the myths that a meat or dairy free kitchen is boring please!



El Café Blueproject,  C/ Princesa 57, 08003 Barcelona (Metro Stops: L1 Arc de triomf or L4 Jaume I)

… And the Tapas?

Of course I can’t end this paragraph without mentioning Tapas bars! I’ve tried a lot of them: I bumped into tourist traps, overpriced three bites or been in amazing places. It’s actually quite hard to give out the name of one single Tapas place. My favourite place to go is the intersection between Carrer del Poeta Cabanyes and Carrer de Blai. Nothing fancy here, just a tiny local pedestrian zone with tons of places with the same chairs outside, but with some of the best, affordable tapas I’ve had so far. If you’re on a casual night out, that’s where you should start. Everybody’s taste is different here, and you’ll find tapas basically everywhere. Sometimes not knowing and finding it out for yourself is the best choice, some others you should have at least a glimpse of a clue and some good hints… Like these here.

(Metro Stop: L3/L2 Paral-lel)


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* Photos of La Luna and Partially Yoi Yoi Gion are courtesy of the restaurants’ website.

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