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I belong to those people who usually is quite up to date about artists in general. I mean, I have soundcloud on on a daily basis and discovering new music is like grabbing my daily coffee to go for me. Well, sometimes I apparently miss out, I guess nobody’s perfect. In case you belong to those who never had a glimpse of Odesza, I think your time has come. 

I started to type Harrison Mills’ and Clayton Knight’s bandname into my soundclound search bar maybe two or three months ago. The reason? I stumbled upon various blogposts and statements of different digital artist speaking about ‘creating while listening to Odesza’ or ‘getting inspired through Odesza’s music’, so I obviously wanted to see for myself what this is all about and if I might get hit myself by a wave of inspiration (you never know). And the rest is a love story. No, seriously, I almost was a little embarassed of never have heard a single thing about these guys.

Odesza’s sound is simple but yet still hard to put into a box. It’s chilled, it’s trippy, it’s athmospherical, it’s magic. It’s the type of sound that can be played while sitting on a meditation pillow, but it has also the kind of power to make you dance all night long if the right tracks are played on a very good sound system. It almost seems that these guys want to take the listener on a journey, or to make the listener put together his own voyage spontaneously, by just letting himself be carried away through chillwaves, electronica, synths and trap alike beats.

While their first Album ‘Summer is Gone’ was more on an instrumental only note, followed by the second brother ‘In Return’, which started to include a few features with various talented singers. My wait for album number three was short, since I probably discovered them three months prior its release, but it was hella painful, I tell you. ‘A Moment Apart’ finally came out on September 8th and shows quite a development. While baby number one can almost be considered a one piece long play, ‘A Moment Apart’ shows more diversity in the style of things: there are definetly more collabs with known artists (Regina Spektor) and with lesser known indie performers. Some songs (luckily just a few), get a bit too much into the classic American EDM trap, but most of them are still catapulting the listener to a soundsphere that just Odesza can create and is known for. I can totally understand the underground culture being completely amazed when they emerged briefly before their college graduation. Odesza’s sound is an experience and is able to tell stories with mostly melodies. It might be a funny thought, but I see their sound being an anthem for a modern hippie community, if there is one.


Odesza’s ‘A Moment Apart’ is now avalaible in pysical and digital form. They are currently touring the world and if I were you, I would grab a ticket, they sell out fast. What a surprise. I got mine. Click here for tour dates.

*Pictures: Odesza/Billboard

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