The Interview – Arthur Moore: About Goa and beyond.

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If you don’t know Arthur Moore you should probably go on Youtube and binge watch all of his videos, because I see the guy going viral at some point. I had the pleasure to interview this great filmmaker, who gives to us viewers an insight on his travels, but from a totally different perspective than the classic vlogger. Arthur’s cinematography captures the moment as it is and gives to it that magical touch – you’ve got the feeling of being wherever he’s filming rather than sitting in front of a screen. I wanted to know a little more about his future projects, his travels and his love for Goa.

Hi Arthur, it’s nice to meet you, even if just virtually for the moment. A few people who will stumble on this article will probably know you from your Youtube channel, which showcases your awesome filmmaker skills while traveling. Where are you currently and what are you working on?

Right now I am in London working on many social experiments, I’m trying to bring spiritality and awareness on the present moment to a city that’s driven mainly by money. I make these people stop, trying to let them appreciate the moment, asking their opinion on spiritual sentences or by simply making them look each other in the eyes. It’s fascinating for me to bring this to a busy city that is ruled by suits and where life revolves around different things than for us “hippies”, who move around the world seeking for a deeper sense than materialistic things. After spending such a long time in India, it was very interesting for me to bring these concepts in western society and study people’s reaction.


You’ve been raised in Israel and started working on the road a while ago in different countries. Can you explain a bit how this whole experience started?

Actually I fell in love with a girl from Holland, we met in Israel, where we spent two weeks together. I wanted to see her again, so I went on a trip to Amsterdam. Getting there was such a great experience, just the beauty of the place, people around me were happy – not sure if it was related to substances, but they genuinly were. So I asked myself: “What else is there in the world that I didn’t see, what did I miss until now?”. I went back to Israel and I didn’t want stay there anymore, and in order to be able to travel the world while working, I sent out this e-mail to a guy I was following on Youtube for a while. I loved what he was doing, but I thought that his videos would need a better editing. I hit him up, he answered after only three hours and luckily, he was planning to come to Israel. I worked for him for a while until he asked me to join him on his next destinations to continue what I was doing. I never answered “Yes!” so fast in my entire life.

At some point you ended up in Goa, where you spend most of the year with your girlfriend Lua. What inspired you to get there in the first place?

My brother told me to come here, his words were “It’s not about girls here, they’re all goddesses, you have to come and see for yourself”. But apart from the girls chase, he told me that people there live out of the matrix, they live free, so I had to go there and see it for myself. They leave their old life, for good or for a while, they take a vacation from all of it and share their very present and peaceful vibes with you.

As soon as you got there, something shifted. Your love for this place is clearly shown in the filmography of every single video of yours, and, I have to admit myself, it is super contageous and makes one curious. How did the magic happen? What keeps you in Goa semi- permanently?

Besides the magic that it spreads, it’s very comfortable. I rent a two story place, with a porch, lots of space, all the amenties you would ever imagine for 300 dollars a month – you could dream about that in Europe, where the rent for it would be at least 1500. My bike costs around 200 dollars a month and I have the luxury to eat out everyday at a restaurant without having to worry. All this combined with the great people I am surrounded with. This place reminds me not to take life so seriously. You don’t need much to be happy. I’m happy by riding my bike, not stress about money because I have enough all the time there and interact with great human beings. I’m inspired, I’m creative and I am in the flow. When I am back in western society like I am now in London, I instantly feel the urge to have more and buy stuff, Goa roots me everytime, it reminds me to relax and appreciate what I already have.

What will a traveler find in Goa that it’s impossible to find anywhere else?

The main one is a vacation mode during the period of five months, there’s a community of people who are genuinly happy and enjoying themselves to the fullest. It’s a non judgemental community, the general energy there is to embrace one another, have acceptance and celebrate life. It’s the most artist dense place I’ve ever been to: musicians, painters, photographers and dancers can be found there. Art is a big part of Goa, you get it a lot here.

Any go to places or stuff that’s very close to your heart there?

The sunset is very close to my heart there. It’s a cerimonial thing in Goa. People come together to watch it every evening, there’s a drum circle going on and I, for myself try to make it to the beach almost every day. Also, my bike is close to my heart, it gives me freedom.


As someone who likes to travel solo here and there, what tips can you give me in terms of mindset, safety and preparation?

I think in India especially, it’s very easy to understand the intentions of the person interacting with you. So if the person has an aggressive vibe towards you, you can instantly see it from their eyes, they are very expressive people. A lot of girls are afraid to be attacked in India, and I understand that, but many of my female friends don’t really encounter this sort of problem anymore, because they understand how the people here work. So if they get approached in a weird way, they shift their energy above to the one of the person approaching them. They are firm while communicating and they are in their power. If you are strong, they will be afraid of you. Another tip is to take an LED flashlight, I have one for myself as well. In case you find yourself in a tricky situation, you can point it easily in somebody’e eyes in order to defend yourself – or any other tool you feel comfortable with. But I have to say, after being in India for five years now, and I never heard any major stories from my friends that would have required any of these kinds of protection.

Tell me, are there some projects going on on the side that aren’t showcased in your vlogs right now?

Fuck yeah! I am doing a video that will require a lot of editing and a lot of time. It’s similar to “Watchtower of Turkey” in those terms. I will start my own website, where I will teach video editing and it’s something I’m very excited about. My youtube videos will take more of an artistic turn from what I did before.

Is there an ideal picture of life for you?

Ideally, I would like to be in a complete flow, being able to create whatever I desire, whenever I desire, also travelling to places I want to without even thinking about it. Have a house, maybe two: one in a major city and one on the coutryside. To have the inner mindset where I don’t care what people think about what I put out there, being less fearful to experiment. A wild filmmaker rockstar life, but while awakening people from their old mindsets and beliefs, showing them they can live a life where they follow their passions, without having to get permission from anyone. Show them that what they think they need so much, which can be money or power, is unnecessary. What they really thrive for is love, acceptance and mindfulness and I would like to bring semplicity and appreaciation for the present moment to them.

So in other words… Is Goa home? Will we find you settled in a beach hut in Arambol some day?

(laughs) Probably not in a beach hut. If I had the possibility to buy a house in Goa, which is very hard as a non Indian, it would be a big one, with pool, aircon and everything I ever wanted – but I’ll have a second home in a major city, like New York for example. I can’t stay more than six months, it’s very intense, it’s very different. When the travellers after six months leave Goa, I don’t really want to stay there by myself, so I’d rather go to some central place like they mostly so when they go back to in Europe.

A big thank you to Arthur, for taking your time to answer all my questions ❤
* All pictures belong to Arthur Moore
Arthur Moore’s Youtube Channel: click here

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