Mando Diao (SWE): Rise and Fall?

Deichbrand Festival, Festival, Mando Diao, Music, Rock

There was a time where Mando Diao used to fill venues until the sold out and sometimes had to give additional concerts. There was a time where Mando Diao were the next big thing. And there was a time when everybody went nuts, when you just pronounced the bands name.

Zürich Openair 2014 – Summer Festival closing

Festival, Switzerland, Zürich Openair, ZOA

Holding a ticket for a festival that takes place in Switzerland around the end of August, leaves a bittersweet feeling in my heart everytime: that means that summer is definetly about to say goodbye and the festival season is closing. Zürich Openair (ZOA) is one of the youngest festivals here in my country. The first Edition made its debut in 2010, and remained pretty faithful to an alternative line up, which is great. Most of the acts have an indie or electronic background, are already settled in the scene or are the discovery and shining stars of the year.

Coachella 2012

Beach, California, Coachella, Desert, Festival, Florida, Gay Friendly, Greyhound, Hollywood, Indio, Key West, LA, LAX, Los Angeles, Martin Solveig, The Black Keys, The Vaccines, Venice Beach

Being a festival fanatic took me to book a trip oversea. Me and my friend Maria were thinking about where to go for our spring vacation of almost 3 weeks, and decided to go and see what the Coachella Festival in California is all about.