Songbird Festival Davos: The Opening Weekend


Two weekends ago, winter clearly started to kick in here in Switzerland. And what better occasion to make things easier and escape a bit to the mountains again, where the chance for sun and having some warm rays on your sweater is way higher than the grey and foggy city. Obviously I didn’t go to Davos for any type of winter sports: I never learned it, and the idea of rolling myself in wet cold snow disappeared maybe at the age of 12. I made all my way up for the 8th edition of the Songbird Festival.

Follow me to Polaris Festival


Switzerland offers a great variety of festivals all year round. Clearly they prevale during summertime, but there are some great events to join in combination with a weekend out of your hometown during the colder months as well. This year, the festival playground gets richer with one more baby: Polaris Festival, Edition No.1.

Mando Diao (SWE): Rise and Fall?

Deichbrand Festival, Festival, Mando Diao, Music, Rock

There was a time where Mando Diao used to fill venues until the sold out and sometimes had to give additional concerts. There was a time where Mando Diao were the next big thing. And there was a time when everybody went nuts, when you just pronounced the bands name.