Fashionhotel 15 Spring Edition: you almost won’t need a fashionweek anymore


A few days ago I had the pleasure to be invited again to the spring Edition of Fashionhotel in Zurich. Last year they had their concept premiere, and this new idea of transforming a Hotel into a runway, Showroom and Workshop area totally kicked in!

Runway – photo by

The spring Edition was even bigger and better: there was an additional floor, new brands and the fashionshow was Held outside, where the invited guests had their own seats and enough space to see the new Trends coming up for this summer season. I was more than happy to see the clothes more colorful, like tops in silver or the models wearing some fancy hats. I am more the classical hat type for sure, but it’s great to see a change. Spring can be quite cold sometimes here in Switzerland, so i barely wear sandals under a temperature of 25 degrees celsius, so seeing socks worn into heels and sandals was a relief for me… I can keep my feet warm this season 🙂 Another great news was the kid’s and men’s runway, which I found a little poor compared to the ladies, I hope to see more next year!

Men & Kids Runway – Photo by
Photo by
Accessoires Detail I Love – photo by

I was more than happy to meet some Sweethearts from last year, like Blogger Olga from Polska (check out her Video below!) or to see Pourpour Jewelry‘s new golden designs. New entries this season were well known Swiss Handbag brand Maison Mollerus, which has a special place in my heart because I know their bags very well, since I used to sell them and I wear mine from 2007 without being tired of it. Speaking of bags, great brands like Carlita’s Collezione and sleek and cool Liebeskind Berlin couldn’t be missing as well: my bohemian heart absolutely loved to see some fringes here and there.

Maison Mollerus, the Swiss LV! – Photo by

Every floor had also its own room with a different dj, which was nice for the refreshment in between with Pimm’s drinks and Champagne, plus, deliciously exclusive finger food. The different workshops during the weekend also included a morning yoga session by Lululemon, great to start the day and float between the markets on the first floor afterwards.

Delicious Treats – photo by

Doesen’t really matter what your style is: Fashionhotel offers the greatest combination of clothing: from sporty to classic, from eccentric to gipsy, there’s something for everybody. The different lifestyle rooms featuring manicures or the hire of a brand new Olympus Pen make sure that you’ll always be occupied and you won’t imagine how fast time flies in there. You’ll get the best insight to the upcoming trends, and I can bet that you will be amazed on how great people watching can be 😉

So stay tuned for next season and grab your ticket when the time comes on
Photo by
Wanna see more? Then follow us around and check the video below 😉
A special thank you to Fashionhotel for having me, can’t wait for the winter edition!

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