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Barcelona, like Amsterdam, is one of those cities where I like to come back to every year. First, because I really like this place, especially the combination of metropolitan vibe and beach town; second, because the Sonar Week and the love for electronic Music call once a year anyway.

Before I start talking about my adventures of this years’ edition, I wanted to write an ode about one of my favourite places in Barcelona: the sandy district of Barceloneta. If you are a frequent reader on this page, you’ll certainly noticed that I am the most content person on earth if I can just put my feet on a beach, doesen’t really matter where I am. Give me some sea breeze and I’ll shut up forever.


Barceloneta was one of the first places I went on my very first visit back in the summer of 2008, and I was overwhelmed by it. That’s maybe the reason why my heart pounds everytime I get back here. This district of the city attracts locals and tons of tourists everyday, on weekends you’ll probably find yourself in a supertiny spot on the beach between others just so close to each other to smell their type of sunscreen. But you know what? There’s no better place for people watching, dining, drinking and yes, even Relaxing.

View on the Villa Olimpica

View on the Villa Olimpica

While the regular tourist might only hit the beach for a while, you totally should explore this wonderful place. Starting there where the streets are tight, laundry hanging everywhere and seeing here and there some Barceloneta flags hanging down every third balcony. They show the love, you know 😉

DSCN1340 DSCN1343

A laid back walk will bring you to some unexpected places, like a square with local restaurants or a church. Sit down on a bench and watch the daily happenings, I totally love to do that everytime I take a walk for a shoot. You’ll discover the tiniest tapas bars ever, those who don’t need to show you a menu in English. You will have a daily choice of a couple of dishes and that’s it. Believe me, you won’t be disappointed on that.


Apart of the traditional side, Barceloneta developed into a hip beachside place, where every heart will find it’s appropriate spot. Take some time one afternoon and start walking along the beach starting from Plaça del Mar until far down to the Villa Olimpica. You’ll pass a park, the famous W Hotel, the hip beach clubs and you’ll end by looking at some architectonical beauties.


At night you can celebrate some chic parties by the beach, but be aware of some dress code. Especially the guys, don’t show up in shorts, unless you want to spend 700 Euros on a table to get in. I personally prefer to spend my time here by day: catch some tan and have some yum lunch in between. And, at the very end, enjoy a mojito in one of the easy going bars on the beachfront.

Rent a paddle board and enjoy the salty water

Rent a paddle board and enjoy the salty water

Practical Infos

Security: They say, Barcelona is a thief’s paradise. Apparently you have to be super careful here. Well, it never happened to me. Maybe I look local, maybe I don’t walk around in Gucci, and maybe I don’t bring my whole wallet with me, only a few Euros and my bus ticket 🙂

Eating: You’ll have loads of choice to eat in Barceloneta. One of my favourite spots is the restaurant xup.xup. on the beach. Get dressed before heading there, no bikinis at the table!

Drinking: My favourite beach bar is the Beach Garden located on Plaça del Mar. They usually have somebody djing and it’s a very cosy place to hang out around sunset.

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Have fun and fall in love with Barceloneta ❤

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