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I always had mixed feelings about writing this post, asking myself if it could fit in here, if my opinion really matters to anyone and if it should be spoken out. Well, I came to the conclusion that I couldn’t care less, if this could move anybody of you to think about the topic or if it’s just “another article” about a theme that’s present since a good while in the medias and the internet: bodycult and -more important- body positivity.

For the record, I’m not trying to judge on anybody’s lifestyle here, but I noticed that this topic goes viral since a couple of years, doesn’t matter if in form of articles or instagram posts – it simply made me think.

Since a good bunch of years I’m watching how medias try to speak for ourselves, telling us that aesthetically, we have to look like the following: the boys should look like a copy of one of the Jersey Shore candidates, and the girls should be a) skinny or b) a fitness model.

There is no in between, nothing else seems to be accepted than these two types of individuals. I saw the booming of health and fitness websites, promoting a way of living and eating. I still see today fitness centres popping out like mushrooms on every corner. I read about ANA chat groups, where girls encourage each other to not to eat the whole day, to repress hunger in order to look like a catwalk model. I experience very often by reading online papers, cyber bullying being an ordinary thing: so “ordinary” that pushes teenagers to kill themselves because they can’t take it anymore, and the reason of being treated like that is maybe because they don’t fit into the stereotypical standard of beauty listed above. The ones who react, do very often the most common thing: the boys start to train hard taking stereoids, the girls hunger themselves (sometimes) to death.

Monica Bellucci, Italian actress and Definition of Beauty. Photo: Vanity Fair

Monica Bellucci, Italian actress and Definition of Beauty. Photo: Vanity Fair

Seriously… What. The. Fuck.!

This is where I’d like to speak about body positivity. The movement #effyourbeautystandards was started a while ago from plus size model Tess Munster (or today, Tess Hollyday), in order to teach confidence to us girls, regardless of any size, height or skin color. Why shouldn’t a girl with a wee more hips don’t be able to wear a bikini or a cute dress? Why should those who don’t fit into the “standard” just hide into freakin’ sweaters all day? The message is simple and powerful: Fuck them! You can be whatever you want and wear whatever you like.

Tess Hollyday, plus size model and founder of #effyourbeautystandards. Photo: Heidi Calvert Photography

Tess Hollyday, plus size model and founder of #effyourbeautystandards. Photo: Heidi Calvert Photography

There were some different reactions on this movement: people thinking that Tess is promoting obesity and being against the skinny type of person. Well, you are reading a girl’s blog, who had to hear the following questions: “Should I buy you a burger? You seem hungry.” or “Are you eating enough? You look like you’re falling apart” – plus: I almost didn’t get my apprenticeship 10 years ago, because they thought I might be anorexic. None of that. I just was skinny a whole lifetime. Having to hear all these sentences and struggling to find a jeans that wouldn’t fall down from my hips again wasn’t exactly funny either. Back to #effyourbeautystandards: I never felt attacked by this movement, it’s actually the opposite – I am a big fan. It’s just about accepting who you are, it’s not about discriminating anybody. You should be happy with yourself, starting to say goodbye to thoughts like “what is everybody going to think if I wear these pants?”. I had the honor to meet Tess Munster in Brisbane, and she genuinly is an open, positive and hugging person 🙂

Ask yourself this question: did you choose your friends because of the way they look? Because they’re too heavy, skinny, tall, trained, short or gay? I doubt so. You love your friends because of the person and what’s in their inside. I’m not trying to set any reward on people that love doing fitness or sports – a healthy lifestyle is fine, as long you’re not trying to fit into something the world tells you to do. If you start not eating, because your goal is a fashion week advertisment on Sunset Boulevard, then I’m starting to worry a bit.

Live your life to the fullest, by doing what YOUR mind tells you is right, by wearing WHAT in your eyes is pretty, by feeling sexy as hell regardless of your look or size – because every human is pretty in any way. The whole package makes the difference, the moment you’ll start to enjoy yourself, you’ll glow beauty out within seconds.

Another great outcome was Caitlyn Jenner’s outing and Vanity Fair cover story. This woman finally did stop hiding and started to live her life for who she is. She is one of the most encouraging persons for transgender people right now. I loved the video footages of the shooting she had, hearing her talking and feeling how relieved she is, after living a life being somebody she’s not. Because you know, “if medias would have found out…”. It’s all about setting signs, and she did for her community. And I love it. ❤

Caitlyn Jenner. Photo: Vanity Fair

Caitlyn Jenner. Photo: Vanity Fair

All I wanna say is be yourself. Don’t fake. Don’t try like a maniac to “fit” somewhere in. Because it’s standard. Because it’s fashion. Because it’s hip. Hell no! There is no standard, it’s all set in our heads. Fashion is everything that’s fun to you. Hip is just another word we like to use. Start loving and accepting yourself. And then you’ll feel free.

Meeting Tess Hollyday in Brisbane :)

Meeting Tess Hollyday in Brisbane 🙂

I’m curious about your opinion about this. Feel free to leave a comment to start a discussion 🙂

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