#BeMoreTea: Zurich’s Rooftops & the Sweet Taste of Music

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Hear, hear! We’re having a wonderful summer up here! Seriously, Zurich has been blessed this year with a good bunch of days full of sunshine, so the need of escaping down south, were the rain risk is lower, totally disappeared.

My hometown offers a good variety of possibilities on how to spend days like these. Our city is well known for having tons of little places to escape the daily stress and enjoy your afterwork rays outside with a cold drink. There’s something for every gusto and, for your own personal refreshment, you can choose between a river or the lake.

… And then you’ll feel free – About bodycult and other bullshit

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I always had mixed feelings about writing this post, asking myself if it could fit in here, if my opinion really matters to anyone and if it should be spoken out. Well, I came to the conclusion that I couldn’t care less, if this could move anybody of you to think about the topic or if it’s just “another article” about a theme that’s present since a good while in the medias and the internet: bodycult and -more important- body positivity.