Where I was. Where I am. Where I will be.

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This blog has been a little dead lately, so I am pretty sure that 80% of the people who clicked on this post know me, in a way or the other. You were, still are or just stepped into my life recently. Since a fraction of my life is out on display in the wild wild web, it’s kind of obvious that a life update might spark up some curiosity. Fun fact is that I am not even doing it for you reading it. For the most part it’s for me.

Bohemian: a temporary convenience, for most.

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This is personal. It wasn’t born to be a cooperative article or whatsoever. This was born from sitting two days between thoughts. I feel to share it because I’m sure I’m not alone with this. It’s about my way of seeing things. About travel, being a traveler, a music sharer, maybe a missed musician – being passionate and trying to bring these passions closer to people. It’s about my belief of thinking of being able to take an unicorn out of a banker’s mind. To bring this people closer to a more playful life. Trying to show them that it’s not only shades of grey. Because I see it differently. This post is about me. Bohemian: a word in temporary use for a lot of people. A way of life for others.

Win 10×2 Tickets – The floating Wine Experience: Expovina 2015

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I am a wine lover – that’s no secret! I belong to those that even go out for wine chasing on a party, between all the cuba libres and other mixed drinks. And usually, I’m successful.

So that’s more than obvious that I will be attending this year’s Expovina edition – a huge trade show with different exhibitors from around the world.

Have a Seat between the Gents – Jack Daniel’s Masterclass

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What does a tiny lady like me, on lunchtime in a luxurious hotel in the middle of Zurich’s business quarter? I don’t certainly belong to the uptown girls or am a banker’s assistant – I was invited to an event that was kind of interesting for me.

… And then you’ll feel free – About bodycult and other bullshit

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I always had mixed feelings about writing this post, asking myself if it could fit in here, if my opinion really matters to anyone and if it should be spoken out. Well, I came to the conclusion that I couldn’t care less, if this could move anybody of you to think about the topic or if it’s just “another article” about a theme that’s present since a good while in the medias and the internet: bodycult and -more important- body positivity.