Verbier – Switzerland’s Postcard Moment

Allgemein, Europe, Switzerland, travel

I saw a good amount of cute mountain places in the past year, and everyone of them was characteristic in its own way. Most of the time I was told that they were going to be full of chic crowds and fur wearing ladies with a chihuahua in their bag. I didn’t really notice that, well, until I got to Verbier – and it was kind of easy to see why.

Bohemian: a temporary convenience, for most.

Allgemein, travel

This is personal. It wasn’t born to be a cooperative article or whatsoever. This was born from sitting two days between thoughts. I feel to share it because I’m sure I’m not alone with this. It’s about my way of seeing things. About travel, being a traveler, a music sharer, maybe a missed musician – being passionate and trying to bring these passions closer to people. It’s about my belief of thinking of being able to take an unicorn out of a banker’s mind. To bring this people closer to a more playful life. Trying to show them that it’s not only shades of grey. Because I see it differently. This post is about me. Bohemian: a word in temporary use for a lot of people. A way of life for others.

Sónar 3.0


The time finally came! Since I started to book it last November, I just had one thought in my mind: “Please let it be June soon, I need to go back!”. This is what I actually call a proper Sónar week addiction. In the middle of June, like every year, Barcelona turns into a big Meeting Point for Music Lovers from all over Europe.