Verbier – Switzerland’s Postcard Moment

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I saw a good amount of cute mountain places in the past year, and everyone of them was characteristic in its own way. Most of the time I was told that they were going to be full of chic crowds and fur wearing ladies with a chihuahua in their bag. I didn’t really notice that, well, until I got to Verbier – and it was kind of easy to see why.

Reaching Verbier from Zurich was a half day journey fullfilled with a big amount of changing trains almost every hour. While on my seat my curiosity about it was rising even more: I just saw a bunch of pictures, and this little town really looked like the perfect place to picture one of the best postcard moments of Switzerland. And so it was. My last change on the Gondola in La Chable showed me best what panorama I was going to get once I would have been arrived: tons and tons of bright wooden chalets, everywhere, in each direction. I really thought this is what a tourist pretty much imagines as Switzerland. Basically, I felt like Heidi somehow.


Walking on the sunny side, I was passing terraces of restaurants filled with people in their ski tenues, back from a day on Le Mouton Noir, and the finely dressed crowd, both having meals, coffees or, most important, sipping local wine. Holy moly, yes! I was so looking forward to have a Fendant myself, I really fell in love last spring with the wines here.

The short walk from the gondola station lead me to the place that was going to be my one night homebase: Le Chalet de Flore. It was like stepping into a little winter wonderland fairytale place – the wood in combination with soft beiges and greys, including some cute teddybears here and there, made me feel I was going to wrap myself in a blanket and enjoy the amazing mountain view outside, rather than being on my way to an electronic music festival (Polaris – read more here) in the next hour.


Our room was named Azalée and was a total babe! First step in, first thing noticed: the killer view! The terrace was literally screaming “Come out here, darling, I know you want to.” – with the bright sunshine burning down (I swear, I never thought I’m gonna sweat in the mountains, in December) and a mountain panorama like this one here, it was supereasy to decide that THIS is what we were going to in the next hour or so…

Azalée offered us a spacious room held in soft colors, fruits ready to eat and a huge, comfy bed that we didn’t wanna leave that quickly.


Le Chalet de Fleur offers a cosy bar downstairs, perfect in case you totally get in the vibe of not wanting to leave at all like we did. The own store with exclusive teas, marmelades and more is a nice plus to get the gourmand out of yourself. The location is more than perfect since everything is easy reachable by walk. And if just in case you should get bored: lead yourself to the big brother Chalet d’Adrien for some spa or restaurant treats.


Verbier is all in all the perfect escape for lovers of heights and snowy landscapes – but also for those who like to sit down and celebrate whatever (sometimes you just should celebrate yourself) with a good glass of local wine. Relaxed walks are a must here, especially if you love to take photographs of buildings – it’s great! Oh, and of course, you can feel the high class society here… But you know, they usually don’t bite 😉


Practical Infos

How to get there: The journey is obviously by train and the ride is around 4 hours, changing from three to four times. Geneva visitors save one hour of travel and change three times, gondola included.

This post was kindly supported by Le Chalet de Flore.


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