Face the Cold: Polaris 2015

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The first part of December was quite busy for me – I never thought I was going to be in the mountains two weekends in a row, and both times to attend music festivals. Well, lucky me! It’s always nice to chase the sun even if the temperatures are freezing. This second ride took me out of the urban world and could have brought me everywhere. Seriously, 4 hours of train rides: I could have reached Milan, Munich or other places, but no no, I was ‘just’ heading up to Verbier.

This mountain town, where the authentic wooden chalets are spread all over, is mostly known for the champagne drinking upper class, wearing fur or at least a luxury dawn coat, for tremendously expensive accomodations and for the lovers of winter sports, obviously, who head up from the surrounding places. In theory, not a place for me. But the first edition of Polaris Festival made me change my mind and I was all in, very looking forward to see a new corner of Switzerland.


I have to start with a big shootout to the whole Polaris team: one of the best communications I’ve experienced during an event like this, and for an outstanding organization! The festival is a newborn, I saw maaany other things happening on events that are known as ‘institutional’. Anyway, Verbier is located on a height of a bit more than 1500m – Polaris put the icing on the cake and sent us around 700m more on top of the hill. Boy, the gondola ride was a panoramic viewgasm and when we arrived at Le Mouton Noir, usually a hilltop restaurant, the sun was slowly saying goodbye. I have to say, the sky changing colors, the bass in the background and the (on that day) normalo skiers walking by looking lightly confused were the perfect sunset combination that day.


Saturday was a total sold out, and you could imagine why: take a transparent location on a mountain top, open from noon till midnight, throw in a DJ set containing names like Seth Troxler, Laurent Garnier or Mirko Loco, offer local wine like Fendant next to the random party cocktails (wine is important, at least for me, darling!), add two afterparties in town so everyone can literally roll back to the hotel later on and ta-taa! You have the perfect combination of THE experience in the cold, for your ears, for your eye and who knows, you’ll might involve other senses.


The athmosphere was amazingly relaxed and the interior of the location reflected perfectly the name of the festival: I really loved the hint of cold lighting in the tent that matched perfectly the snowy snowy panorama outside. The music was a good mix of electronica all over, for my taste it could have been a wee bit more techno than house. But hey, I didn’t make it to the afterparties at Etoile Rouge or Carve Club in Verbier, so I unfortunately can’t tell you the story about the wilder sounds coming up when it got very late. Shame, I know, this needs improvement, I’m working on it I swear. But there you go: instead of others, I made it to the offical sunday brunch at Le Rouge . The sun was out so we enjoyed our food outside (ok, the buffet could use some improvement, not too much choice for the price) and the tunes were really good. I was saving tracks half of the time on that nice veranda, so that’s always a good sign!


Polaris Festival was clearly a success, and fortune is on your side if you’d like to join next year for a dance. Yes, an edition two is planned and we can’t wait! Tickets sell out very quickly especially for the Saturday edition, so keep yourself up to date.


Photo Credit: Polaris/facebook

Video Credit: David Andres

A special thank you to Polaris Festival and Team for having me ❤


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