2015 Retrospectives: Paolo Nutini @ Baloise Session – The Full Concert

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If I have to do a little retrospective about my personal 2015, it would be quite hard to decide what hits my own top 5. I lost the count of how many flights took me all over the planet and I have too many experiences still floating around in my head. In terms of travelling, I think I can put everything in one big pot, because I was never disappointed of the places I chose to see. When it comes to all the musical events I’ve been to, I can be only super grateful either: I’ve seen as many festivals and live acts like never before, and it’s very easy for me to make a choice of my favourite events.

Looking back, I still can’t believe it sometimes. I joined in once again for the Sonar Week in Barcelona, I walked around as the happy hippie I am in the overwhelming Swiss summer heat at Paléo Festival (ok, summer storm included), I flew up north to make some noise with the rocker heads at Deichbrand Festival and had a dance in my beloved Amsterdam at the ADE15, where I had the chance to meet amazing people. Oh, and of course I have to mention Zermatt Unplugged, where I discovered one of the new entries on my “play permanent everyday” hitlist, surferdudes Sunset Sons.


Leaving the festivals and going to the concert section, there is surely one artist that played one of his greatest sets here in Switzerland – Paolo Nutini. He closed his Strawberry Songs Tour at Baloise Session between candle light tables and smiling faces. The mood was as perfect as the whole show, including rearranged songs from the past. These days in Basel, where fall kicks in and the days become colder, are one of the most awaited for me during the whole year. There is no concert hall like the Baloise Session one that can turn immediately into a small livingroom with an amazingly great acoustic. It was an honor, to be once again part of it – I tried to make my picture speak as most as I can, but boy, you can’t compare it to the live experience.


The whole concert can be watched online, the video editors catched in the gorgeous atmosphere of that night. So take your time one evening, grab your favourite glass of wine, lean back and click here to enjoy the show.

Thanks again to Baloise Session for having me – I’m already unpatient for the 2016 line up ❤

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