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If I will ever be able to choose in which kind of place worldwide I want to live, then probably somewhere with a vibe like in this cute little town. What impressed me the most during my trip on the Australian eastcoast weren’t the huge cities like Sydney – but more the smaller oasis spread around the CBDs. Let yourself get wrapped in. This is Eumundi state of mind.

In case you need to get into the mood while reading:

The main reason why I decided to take a little bus ride 10km away from Noosa to Eumundi, was mainly because of the local handcraft market that is held here every Wednesday and Saturday. Lame, I know. But I have to say, it’s one of the best markets I’ve ever been to anyway. Born in the 70s and screaming “make it. bake it. sew it. grow it.”, this is one of the most famous artisan places in whole Australia, offering a big variety of handmade goods. It starts with fair produces clothes, and goes over to vintage prints, street food (and smoothies!) or jewelry made out of old silver spoons – I am a lucky owner of one of the rings here.


But that’s not everything about this town, which doesn’t even mark 500 inhabitants. I loved walking around here, since everything was so laid back and peaceful around me. I am a fan of small, colorful houses anyway, and the fact that Eumundi only has one single hotel, its own brewed beer, local wine and a few fine places to lunch and dine, made me close it into my heart immediately! It’s tiny and adorable, but close enough to Noosa in case the air gets spare (it wouldn’t but you never know, ha!) and, more important, near the coast.


Thinking about it throws me immediately into a state of melancholia, actually. Not because I’m trying to get your pity. No no, darling… Just because of the peaceful memory of strolling around there, and to be honest, in a region called the sunshine coast you really can’t walk around with a darkened vibe.


Then you sit into cafés with names like the Bohemian Bungalow, held in bright colors and presenting exactly those beach shack furnitures I like so much… And in case you should be in need of some live music, a drink at the green room gets you closer to one of the local bands.

bohemain bungalowbohemianbungalow

I know this post is short compared to the most on this site… But aaah: I’ve always wanted to give Eumundi a little dreamy ode and here it is. Just dedicated to that light sense of freedom it gave to me.

Practical Infos

Eumundi can be reached from Noosa by bus (No. 631) in around 45 minutes.


*pictures of the Bohemian Café and poster are courtesy of the official Eumundi page.

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