Rooftop Rhapsody. An ode to the Endless Summer.

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As you might already had the pleasure to read about in one of my latest blogpost, I have this thing for wide views. I love taking as many shots as possible from panoramas, doesn’t really matter if I have beaches,cities or other landscapes in front of me: I adore them all! This might has to do with the fact that I was raised part of my life on a hill in South Italy, where I could overlook over all little towns from my terrace, surrounded by silence, holding an espresso and being barefoot most of the time.

Back in Zurich, my friends always give me the best treats in terms of panorama by inviting me for brunch or we simply go out and choose the best spots for a drink or two. Zurich turns into one big terrace in almost every district you go, especially during summer, so that you find easily your own place to be, no matter if you’re a high end fashionista or the biggest urban hippie (I’m obviously case #2 :p ). This places can be established cafés or temporary stories, there’s a discovery every year and I totally love moving through the city jungle to find a new favourite spot to hang out with my beloved.

Lipton was darling enough to provide us, for a temporary amount of days this month, a comfy 360 degrees panorama terrace, strategically located behind Zurich Central Station and open during lunch break. Being this central allowed you to have enough spare time to float back to the office desk without rushing the heck out of yourself, which is something of the most not chilled things after having yum food in your belly. I mean, cmon!


Lush Food

There was a grill for your own food or Streetfood for the lazy ones, live music from different local artists every day and plenty of free ice tea. A little midday celebration never killed nobody, and forgetting about your pending mails certainly is good enough.

This summer event obviously had to be ended with a big bang, and what’s the best way to do it? Exactly, more delicious food, fine wines and one of the most attended Swiss Bands returning with a new record: Pegasus. The guys seemed pretty thrilled to be able to play on such a great located rooftop, without having to be scared about the police coming to shut everything down, so they gave their best by playing their new songs from the album “Love & Gunfire”. By giving such an intimate concert after playing on packed festivals, it was easy for Pegasus to make everybody comfortable and inviting the audience to just enjoy themselves. Of course, songs from former Albums like “Human.Technology” or the track “All my Life”, co-featured with rapper Stress and Bastian Baker couldn’t be missing. I was happy to finally be able to see Pegasus live on stage and was surprised about their constant sense of humour between their great playing. The acoustic on the rooftop was lovely, even if everyone wished it to be a little more loud. Well, a police visit was meant to be avoided :D. I totally can reccomend to go on one of Pegasus shows, the band is super talented and their lyrics are bomb. Check the website for tour annoucements or to buy their latest record.


Photo: metropolischt


Photo: metropolischt

Between the invited guests, medias and bloggers, Lipton gave to 100 lucky people the chance to enjoy the concert as well. Some very passionate fans were included here, even someone that tattoed their heart origami,logo of their “Love & Gunfire” album cover, on his arm! After the show we decided to stay on the rooftop a while longer, just to enjoy the city lights surrounding us and the lightly chilled summer air a bit more. I can say for sure that everybody went home with a happy face.

Summer doesn’t seem to be over yet, sunlight still allows us up here to have a swim and be outside in the evening. We obviously hope on a golden September, and more rooftop love. ❤


Photo: metropolischt / Editing: bohemianstella

Thank you to Lipton and Contcept for the invitation.

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