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I have to admit, I am a fan of traditions. They were never planned, but they slowly but surely snake in during my travel adventures the past ten years I guess. One of them for sure how I open up my very own festival season, it’s as easy as going out and buy a cup of coffee on my way out in the morning by now, it does not require any big planning or effort, clicking on various “Book Now” buttons is more than enough. This past May, as every other year, was my month and THE month – I mean, come on, the summer breeze overcomes most places already, my bags for Amsterdam are packed and my birthday is another sweet add on, can it get any better than that?

I know, going up north probably seems to be quite risky: the weather is still uncertain and the wind can change it basically within hours. But hey, I suppose I am the classic kind of lucky gal when it comes to these things. Even when I encountered the thickest grey clouds and I was more than prepared to dance ahead in the rain, the festival day was usually just a blue and bright sky. Amsterdam is a place close to my heart, it offers enough variety to any person that visits and in my case, plenty of electronic music venues. And by the end of May, the real fun starts here. The summer festival knocks at everybody’s door and does not stop until fall, and the most incredible thing about it is how much effort is put into single day festivals: the line ups, the organisation and the huge decorations are the most unbeatable I’ve ever seen for a 12-hour venue.


Once again, it was crystal clear that I will be attending the Diynamic Festival. It’s a label that grew close to my heart a couple of years ago, while I was simply putting music together for my playlist at work (a hip hop nightclub. don’t ask. you gotta do what you gotta do.). Electronic music usually has to give me goosebumps like every other genre that sits in my devices, otherwise I usually pass, because it’s not only all about the bass, at least not for me. I watched it literally rising like a cake in the oven over the past years, adding more and more outdoor venue every summer in different cities including Barcelona, Istanbul and Tel Aviv.



The Diynamic Festival Amsterdam took place at the Amsterdamse Bos, a huge and gorgeous park in the south of the city, which includes a zoo, a lake, a camping site and much more. Being immersed into a green scenery like this, with tons of space and even a resting zone where drinks aren’t allowed is everything your festival heart will need. The fine tunes were provided by H.O.S.H., Adriatique, Magdalena, Solomun, Karmon and Kollektiv Turmstrasse just to name a few, but usually when you’re making your way to a Diynamic event you know what to expect in return. Yes, pure love. And a huge mainstage, a second stage surrounded by trees only, hammocks and a very decent food court that provide from the veggie burger to the very classic Dutch fries.


The day spent was the perfect one you’d want for yourself at a festival: with the right company, your favourite music, a lot of laughter and your thoughts only focusing on this moment only and nothing else.

Practical Infos

How to get there: Amsterdamse Bos can be easily reached by bike or public transport (additional shuttle can be booked with your festival ticket), or if very lazy, by uber taxi.

Where to stay: If staying longer than a festival pit stop, I definetly recommend staying somewhere in the city. De Pijp is my favourite district and a good starting point. Just there for the festival? Any hotel close to the airport on in Amsterdam South is totally fine then (and cheaper!).

Tickets: Diynamic is well known for selling out fast. Tickets are released (in 3 blocks) around January. Act fast, and your outdoor experience will only cost you around 20 EUR. For more infos on the various dates, click here.


I know, May 26th is been a while already and you probably missed the experience this time. But hey, I got good news for you! The festival season has just started and there’s quite a chance that you’ll be able to join in as a winner. Mastercard is giving away two VIP packages, one for Sziget Festival in Budapest and one for New Horizons in Nürburgring! Since I don’t know what your personal musical addiction is, I’m pretty sure you’ll find your favourite artist in their line-up. Covering from Pop to EDM and from Rock to Alternative, and adding up performing arts, workshops and inspirational talks to the program, you’ll find whatever your heart and ears (!) desire from dusk till dawn.  If you’re more on the alternative side, you should try your luck at for entering the New Horizons Festival site as a VIP instead. This gorgeous one here focuses more on electronic music, especially EDM and Techno. This event will be without doubts a little escape from reality: you will be ending your own summer season while roaming through different worlds within the kingdom on three full days. Mastercard provides contactless payment on both festivals, which will make you worry free when it comes to carrying around money for the whole weekend.  To win one of the mentioned packages, just head over to Mastercard’s Facebook page and answer the question in the posts with a comment, just click here to start. The winners for Sziget Festival will be announced on July 4th, 2017. The announcement for New Horizons will be on July 13th, 2017.  Have Fun, Lucky one!



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*This blogpost was kindly sponsored by Mastercard


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