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I play tourist here in my home country Switzerland quite often, it usually lead me to some breathtaking mountain sceneries and I took refreshing dips in different lakes, but I never thought about to be more centered into my base that is Zurich. You know how it is, you know your city, it’s mostly great, you have your habits and routines, however, you are more keen to escape it and share your travelling stories from elsewhere. Well, this time is quite different I guess: a lot of you out there know Zurich for its polished banks, the old town and a huge lake, but there is a lot more, especially for those who want to live a bit into the night, exploring restaurants, bars and clubs. I got you covered.

This month, well known 25hours Hotels opened their newest baby right in the middle of Zurich’s party district, and with party, you can figure it out for yourself. It can be drinks, it can be clubs, it can be a late night dinner with a good load of wine. After roaming rooms, tasting drinks and enjoying food at the pre-opening, I’ve received a glimpse what 25hours Hotel Langstrasse could be developing in quickly: one of the most central locations to hang and sleep for DJs, wannabe cool kids, food lovers and party animals. Or of course just for the good gals with a tourist map. Despite being a few footsteps away to every nightlife spot your heart could desire, 25hours Hotel Langstrasse provides you with everything for your own marathon into darkness, there’s almost no need to leave it, except for the night out itself. So when I got offered a room for the night, my intent was instantly to bring out a blogpost with my own party chronicle. Will this get embarassing? Maybe, maybe not.

3pm – Check in 

After almost getting a heart attack at first, since my name wasn’t anywhere on the reservation list, I finally got into my L room, which is a medium sized one. What immediately caught my eye was the huge glass shower, perfect if you’re bringing your voyeur friend, or to overlook the outstanding city shape while butt naked. In my case it was the second option since I didn’t get lucky during the night. But that’s another story and I already feel weird by sharing this type of info with you. The rooms vary between size M to L, or if you wanna take it to the next level and have your own rooftop terrace, then the Trainspotting and Plaza Suite next to the Sauna are awaiting you to join. All these babies are held in a classic industrial style, grey cement predominates even the floor, and the little details are what make every room special. The bathroom, besides the great shower, is stylishly held in black shiny bricks, LED lights framing the mirror and all the great soaps are in the strategic size to avoid waste and theft by the guest himself. They smell good and are amazing compared to the classic neutral smelling hotel soaps, so feel free to bring nothing but your toothbrush for your stay.


The bed is huge enough, the mattress a bit harsh, and I’m one of the hard matress lovers. but I guess after a few good shags they will get the perfect softness, if I’m allowed to assume so. The rooms are minimalistic, which creates abundant space for the important things: a seating bench along the window, for example. I love sundowns and what better place to hang out after a shower, taking out a beer from the mini bar and just observe the change between day and night. The in room provided UE Boom is a genius touch, so I was nicely dancing along Xavier Rudd’s reggae while getting ready. If you’re more keen to explore the city during the day, there’s a polaroid camera ready to use, because after all you want to have something to show back home, despite a couple of dark circles under your eyes, right? I would keep the tale of your sweaty night in the club and the falafel afterwards away from mom and dad anyway.


7pm – Apero please!

After relaxing and getting ready in the cosyness of your own room, or after a tour with the hotel’s own bikes in the city, it’s time to get the night started, don’t you think? The whole ground floor is made for roaming and stunning. If you really fell in love with your shower gel upstairs, don’t worry gorgeous, it can be bought along with great books or the decoration items you have in room at the KEIN & ABER kiosk. If you’re getting in the mood already, like I was before dinner, you might want to taste one of the High Ball signature drinks at the Chinchona Bar, perfect for lounging into the big sofas, the living area, or while watching the artists work in the atelier. The Artist in Residence Program is another great concept that shows how open and full of innovation the 25hours Hotels chain is: the artist can book in for a week and work in the ateier for free. Another awesome add on is the Freitag Bags tree in the middle of the lobby: as a regular guest you’ll get your own bag fixed and locked up there, filled with the stuff you really don’t want to carry around all the time. The whole level is a stunner and it’s a place to easily spend hours contemplating all the decor well set up, with the trains rushing in the background just for the additional urban touch.


9pm – Hey Hungry Nomad!

Now you might have reached the point of no return, so if you’re like me, after two drinks, there’s a decision to make: keep on enjoying them but probably be knocked out by midnight, or go and grab dinner next door at NENI, perfect spot to fuel up. NENI means genius reinvention of a mediterranean restaurant. The founder Haya Molcho and her family was able to put together a great menu, a fusion between Moroccan, Israeli, Turkish, Spanish and Arab cuisine. The colorful interior makes one feel somewhere down south and I’m sure that the wide outside terrace will be a great spot for summer nights. The sharing vibe gets high here, the best way to get to know (almost) all of this goodness is to share a couple of plates of mezze, while sipping some yummy Lebanese red wine. The infamous hummus tower, Sabich, Babaganoush and the Jerusalem Platter are divine, the selection makes everyone’s eating habit happy and the liquor shot at the end, that reminded me tons of my beloved Sambuca, might help yourself to get up and continue your night fine. Because in the end, you got a plan.


1am – It’s a hard choice

In a radius of 5 to 15 minutes walk, you’ll have a wide selection of clubs thrown in your face, especially when it comes to electronic music. So hopefully you’ll inform yourself about the line ups and choose what fits your ears best. Great club institutions like Hive and Supermarket or the most recent Lexy and Klaus are a few steps away and you really want to have an idea of where to go by 1am the latest. The selection is huge but you’re not the only one who’s planning to have a dance, honey, so if you want to avoid huge lines, or tiny clubs being full already, handle intelligently. My choice of heart was like almost always Zukunft: they offer great line ups and the club is fairly small, which leads to make you feeling to be in the too darkened down livingroom of your best friend. Langstrasse is agreat address for alternative clubbing, has great restaurants, take aways and bars, and is a great change to the high heeled glittery counterparts you’ll find in the center. I know what you think, Langstrasse was the home of the filthy and hooker, and somehow still is at a certain extent, but the mix makes sure it stays interesting and don’t worry, it’s totally safe.


2pm – the morning after

I found myself whining at a reception desk too many times at 9am in the morning, in the hope to get a late check out, and it was a huge struggle every damn time. Yeah, I’m the one who usually misses out on the breakfast because it starts at 7 and ends at 10, even on the weekends (come on, seriously?) and tries in the end to make a fresh impression while dying on the inside at 11. Not here! A wide breakfast selection of sweets, fruits, müesli, eggs and hummus in case you didn’t have enough the night before plus a free check out until 2pm if requested is avalaible. The dream! We might can discuss the fresh impression again, but at least the trial to sleep out the party night away is done and it’s more relaxed for sure.


Practical Infos:

Location: 25hours Hotel Langstrasse is located 700m away from Zurich Central Station. A walk through the new Europaallee district, that divides the elegant center to the more relaxed Langstrasse is really worth it.


Room Rates: M to XL Room Rates vary from CHF 270 to CHF 330 / Suites CHF 380. Book your room here. Don’t have enough cash to stay the night? No problem: you might want to get rid of your grandma’s ugly but well worthy 30s chair – exchange it for a night to remember.


NENI: A reservation is highly reccommended, especially on weekends. More infos here.


A huge Thank You to 25hours Hotels for supporting my party animal spirit in Zurich ❤

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