S. Pellegrino Sapori Ticino: Culinary Joys

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Ciao belli!

I know this has been a strict travel and festival blog for quite some years now, so with time passing, I felt the urge to spice up the things a little. If you’re following me on my Instagram account, you’d might know that besides putting on my dirty festival boots and almost mutating into a suitcase myself, another one of my beloved hobbies is food. I could go on forever with talking about how great this can be, but I guess I’ll leave it for another occasion. My Boho Bliss section is been quite silent for a while, so I proudly decided to share some yummy things in here and maybe talk about some little health routines I do for myself as well. If this will also include some recipes and showcasing my poor chopping skills I’m not sure, time will tell, I’ll go with my guts.

So what better happening to open up this new chapter here, than telling you that I’ll be going to the Grand Opening of S. Pellegrino Sapori Ticino? I’m absolutely friggin’ excited about this, since it will be my first gourmet food festival ever. I’ll have to posh up my wardrobe a little and leave my almost fallen apart boots back home, but hey, anything for exploring new locations, food assemblements and a good old hangout in Switzerland’s sunny livingroom!

Al Lido - LuganoFoto gruppo S.Pellegrino Sapori Ticino 2017

Taking place for the 11th year in a row, there are some big celebrations coming up. Over 20 chefs are ready to leave us all speechless by cooking beautiful meals at 27 different events, all in various locations. These will include the high rated restaurants, bistros and outdoor terraces of the lush Swiss Deluxe Hotels, local restaurants of the region and club settings for the young chef’s showcase such as the Seven Restaurant & Club in Lugano. One of this year’s highlight will be Milan’s cooking masters from Le Soste – Italy is so close you have to include it to your taste buds, right? Some Italianità will surely be very appreciated in terms of hosting and will mix up perfectly with the chefs coming from all over Switzerland, many throwing the towel at the Swiss Deluxe Hotels for once, to do magic in the south and have a wee change of kitchen setting might be a refreshment for them as well. When food is done right, it wakes up emotions for sure, but when it comes as a piece of gorgeous art, it wakes all senses and will stay in your mind forever.


So why not treating yourself a little? Get amazed and surprised by some deep culinary knowledge and passion for what’s really good and local – the Swiss Deluxe Hotels alone provide you over 720 Gault-Miliau points and as well 30 Michelin Guide Stars as a proof. Being a newbie can be fun, let’s be honest. The comfort of italian food and the warming Ticino vibes will keep you grounded, everything else you’ll see and taste during one dinner will probably make history in your memories. See? Let’s go!

S. Pellegrino Sapori Ticino will take place in various locations in and around Lugano from April 3rd to September 17th, 2017. Join me and other food enthusiasts for some belly joys, a sip of wine and a good chat. This will be great!

The whole programme can be found here. For any questions and reservations please contact info@saporiticino.ch

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