Wanderlust: The Clinch of Belonging Everywhere and Nowhere

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Nine months. Wow. That’s a freakin’ pregnancy. An unplanned one. And so was this post…

I felt that the time came to rethink and make recap about what I’ve experienced lately. While I’m doing it, I’m carrying around my superslow netbook in my Italian house. I’m writing from the darkened down kitchen, to prevent the heat coming in too much, I’m throwing myself on the 80s couch in our livingroom, taken here back in 1996, when we were supposed to live here “forever”.

Montreux Jazz Festival 2015: Where Magic Happens

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I am a big fan of Montreux. If you are in Switzerland during summertime you absolutely can’t miss this place. It’s the riviera of our little country, where the lake gets a deep turquoise colour and you feel vacation vibes from everywhere. And you can’t obviously miss the legendary Montreux Jazz Festival!